Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shakespeare - Richard II

"This was stupid. Just plain dumb. Avoid at all costs. If I get a chance later, I'll come back and tell you why. If not, just don't waste your time."

"It annoyed me that I couldn't decide whose side I should be on."

"Did they pronounce words back in Elizabethan England very differently than they do now? Nowadays, Shakespeare's stuff just doesn't sound like poetry. And what's the deal with 'art', 'thou', etc. ? It's still understandable, but very annoying. Couldn't they translate it into modern English? There is no rhythm to be broken anyhow.
I actually think Shakespeare worship is perpetuated much like the myth about Emperor's clothes.
Don't you think it's a bit symtomatic that the earliest English author of any significance also happens, by pure accident, no else, to be the greatest author and poet of all times and languages? Huh?"

"It's Shakespeare. I'm an English Lit major."


"The purchase of this book was merely for bragging right i.e. pompous display of high literature to impress the clueless, visiting proletariats. I did not get pass the first page and the one star rating is a reflection of that"

"What can I say? It's Shakespeare, therefore it's diffcult to read at best and thoroughly unenjoyable."

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