Thursday, March 7, 2013

Parmenides - Fragments

"at the time, parmenides was laughed at by his colleagues, who were all strictly grounded in views of socrates and plato"

"Parmenides made Achilles paradox to help Pythagoras’ students – Pythagoreans to laugh at Pythagoras’ students – Mathematicians’ logic (idealism logic), when he was learning from Pythagoreans. Parmenides made Arrow paradox to laugh at Pythagoreans’ logic (materialism logic) after he had had his own unity logic (usually it is called digital logic today) and left them. Human brains’ the parts that support to idealism logic, is autonomic nerve system center. Human brains’ the parts that support to materialism logic, is sex center. Human brains’ the parts that support to the digital logic (the unity logic), is parasympathetic nerve system center. The idealism logic (human autonomic nerve system function), the materialism logic (human sex function), and the digital logic (human parasympathetic nerve system function) are as teamwork of ZEN."

"The most important steps in this argument are horribly fallacious. That's what makes it so fun. You can't get completely ridiculous conclusions as easily if the steps of the argument are any good."

"Paramenides wanted to one up Heraclitus.

Unfortunately he was an idiot.

Heraclitus said 'You can't step in the same river twice.'
..because the river is always changing so it's not the same river.

Paramenides said 'You can't step in the same river once'
..because Paramenides was an idiot.

He later came up with philosophical gems like 'Motion is impossible'.
& his student Zeno was made famous by essentially (and erroneously) stating that an infinite series could not resolve to a finite solution. I.e. you can never get to a doorway because you will infinitely have to cover half the remaining distance.

So as far a I can tell his big contribution was to delay the development of Calculus for 2100 years."

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