Monday, March 25, 2013

George Orwell - Animal Farm IV

the the book was in a disgusting"

"Did Al Gore direct this? I was just you know, curious because the animals are talking and stuff and they even have like, this hierarchy of power and things don't make sense like that. This is an anti goverment film but all I hear is Total arin ism which gets to be useful when instilled in the drinking water of places like Africa. Well we gave them animals to eat and they just turned them loose in fields and never fed them and they died. This book is co-written I think by Gore and Moore, but who knows I mean anymore you cannot figure out who is who, but I am Cathy and I escaped from Taurine and this is my review of Animal Farm. Oh, and even if you give a pig pickles it will still attack you if it is hungry!"

"Animals Can't Talk!
This book is terrible, I mean, I know it was written like ages ago like in the 50's when movies were all about giants ants and stuff, but none of the animals on this farm were even radioactive or giant or anything, so who cares? They just kind of fight amongst themselves and that's it! The whole book!"

"The only animal is George Orwell!
Of all the things I have ever read! What a terrible and unrealistic story. I mean, how can animals talk? I have a parrot that talks but not in complete sentences."

"Animals building a mill,reading and writing, walking on two legs and wearing human clothes really creeped me out and turned me off..."

"Our world is dominated by the human race; there is no way around that. Have you ever wondered what would happen if one day we were overthrown? If animals drove us out and took over our lives? Luckily this hasn't happened yet"

"It was a quick read - only three hours at most - yet after I was done, I felt a horrid feeling in the pit of my stomache, as if I could feel every light bulb in the world as it popped and died."

"I kept thinking 'These people obviously cannot see, pigs and men look very different.'"

"I didn't like the concept of animals driving humans off of the farm. Really, the idea itself could be considered strangely humorous, but Orwell went a little too far with having the creatures actually combat the farmers and come out victor."

"I learned that some people are ignorant and they don't care about the nature of farm animals. They'll take over anything to get more land."

"Animal Farm and America are kind of the same because of the communism and things that happen. Like the respect around the U.S. Animal farm was not like anu other farm, it all changed once Old Major had delivered his speech, kind of like when Martin Luther King delivered his. The animals were not in charge of the farm, changing like when the blacks were equal in the U.S."

"I didn't really enjoy this book because it dealt with too many realistic problems such as government and society."

"I hated this book. People say it's because i didn't understand the concept but i did. I just didn't like how animals drank tea and used guns and then became humans ... i just didn't like in general, unlike Lauren Kate's Fallen i wasn't draw in. In Fallen i was falling of my seat, is it going to be daniel or Cam, please cam. CAM! CAM! CAM!!! but in Animal Farm i it was, oh your doing that, okay."

"The book was based off true events, I get that, but pigs aren't smart. Pigs cant talk."

"Talking animals...honestly. Wouldn't the neighbors find it strange that animals were writing rules on the barn, and even talking to them? A normal human reaction would be to freak out and wonder why the heck a PIG was talking to you discussing business."

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