Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis IV

"The metamorphosis i thought was just plainly confusing, i didn't get that he turned into a bug until the middle of the second chapter."

"I'm pretty sure I got the metaphor. I mean, it isn't that complex right? His family and his job are shitty to him, he turns into a bug, right? I get the gist of it, anyway. I think my point is, I wasn't impressed. It was weird, and it was a unique idea, but I don't give points for weird. I think everyone can be weird -- weird is easy ... I have little to no tolerance for things like giant, unexplained bugs.

Perhaps I'm a pedant, or I'm just simple, but it seems to me that this story is nothing more than its surface, and I don't think that was very impressive. It was just a weird, weird tale."

"I understand and appreciate the metaphor in this book. The reason for the 2 star review is really just because of the giant beetle aspect. It was just not something that appealed to me"

"THIS BOOK IS A COMPLETE PIECE OF S#$. I swear this book is boring as a Motherf*$@. The guy is sales man that just becomes a bug. How on earth does that happen. Is he on some steroids that makes him sell more? Now, how will anyone believe this piece of S#*!. This author had to be smoking something that got him real high you know what i'm saying. I wonder how this author thought about this idea. I give him respect on the morals. Though this author needs to get out of cloud 9 or get some pills for his mental health. Please author do not make us get us through this crappy a$$ book.

Though this book is still Art...."

"I don't even know why it exist. Metamorphosis should never be read by anyone again. Absolutely the worst book ever written! I give this no starts whatsoever!"

"it makes no sense why would somebody wake up as a bug it is just stupid."




"Franz Kafka is the culprit. Franz Kafka invented a perfectly nice, likeable young man for the sole purpose and pleasure of turning him into a cockroach and tormenting him to death. For what? To show us what a miserable life he had? To vaguely depress us with the futility of it all? But Gregor Samsa's life wouldn't have been anywhere near as bad if he'd been allowed to remain human. Kafka turned him into a cockroach, and he can jolly well turn him back!

Not even depressing German authors are free from the rules of good storytelling. And one of the rules of good storytelling is that you try to make the author's hand as invisible as possible. You avoid co-incidences in the plot. You refrain from making characters behave in uncharacteristic ways. And you certainly don't hang your whole plot and theme on the ridiculous conceit that an ordinary man might transform into a cockroach overnight. This may be short-sighted of me, and I may be missing the point. But the first rule of fantasy is that you use it to teach something about the real world."

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