Sunday, March 3, 2013

Joseph Conrad - Lord Jim II

"I listened to Lord Jim on audiobook and found it tolerable by listening to only every second or third track."

"A strange thing happened to me as I read this book. I couldn't feel my fingers and then my toes. Soon enough my whole body started to go numb. Eventually I had to stop for fear of dying of numbness. (I read about 115 pages)."

"As much as I love Conrad's style, this one was just too long. He shouldn't have tried to write a full-blown novel."

"Never before have I been forced to struggle through a book like this one. Conrad's style is adds superfluous information that does absolutely nothing to advance the plot or symbolic significance of the story. The sentences and paragraphs were too large to be dealt with rationally. One of the chapters, which is about 4 and a half pages, is one single paragraph! While the story itself was a good one, Joseph Conrad ruins it with his esoteric and over-descriptive style of novel-writing."

"how anyone could sit through such a long and boring ramble with so litte point is beyond comprehension."

"You are smart enough. This is simply a horrible novel."

"It's downright dull and far too difficult for me to comprehend while I'm trying to make deadlines at a pace of 3 minutes a page! Joseph Conrad should have tried speaking English!"

"This is one of the worst books in the world---in my humble opinion! OK, I'm in the minority. Most of the reviewers LOVED the book. I think this book is a waste of beautiful words! Yes, Conrad had a beautiful English vocabulary. But, the 'story' is 'encrusted' with so many words you'll tire of it after awhile. OK, try the book, but now, at least, you won't feel as I did, 'What's wrong with ME that I don't like this book.' You won't feel 'alone' in your reaction ... PS: As of 1-15-07 I see that I have ZERO 'yes' votes for my review. That's 'mean'. I'm just giving my honest reaction. You don't have to agree with me but why not give me a break for spending the time and energy just to write my thoughts----thoughts which MIGHT help someone....maybe not you....but someone. Thanks."

"I gave up reading this ' Gibberish /Jargon ' at about the 125th page. Jargon is defined as speech or writing full of long,unfamiliar, or roundabout words or phrases. Jargon accurately describes this novel. If you want to read 400 pages of jargon and try to figure out what Mr. Conrad is trying to say, then this book is definitely for you. I'm sure Mr. Conrad was an excellent sailor but a writer he is not."

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