Thursday, March 28, 2013

George Orwell - Animal Farm V

"Getting educated, not only in politics, otherwise you might find your self with less food, sent off to a butcher shops, and/or under the rule of pigs."

"Wow! George Orwell had to be one very unhappy hopeless man."

"hmmm...this could be applied to many situations...thinking gay marriage??"

"It's suppose to have a good message about dictatorships and other types of government . . . but really, it's just about pigs who seem like they're high on drugs."

"A hard read, no doubt."

"Just another reason why I hate the French."

"Ugh, politics."

"Who'd have thought animals could take over?"

"I can't stand anything to do with animals. I understand that it is supposed to parallel communism but I couldn't get past the talking animals."

"We all know this is a take off the Russian revolution - because we were told. In truth it's about pigs and horses and was not a good story at that."

"But pigs cannot milk cows!!"

"talking animals! utterly ridiculous.. Orwell can suck my balls"

"I cant like the book cause most of what he tried to talk abt The Soviet union is not true. He has successfully pointed one or two points where Communism got wrong when it was implemented, but overall he tried to picture Stalin and other Party members to be evil."

"Animal Farm has an important moral to it. This book has taught me the lesson of respect and as well the power that is overwhelm in the book leads up to bad cosequences."

"I taught this book to my tuition kid. He couldn't understand how pigs could stand on two feet. I couldn't understand how they could talk at all."

"I know it is a classic but it is a hard read. I would suggest watching the cartoon (but not with your kids) and then calling it good."

"As if I'm not already disgusted with the behavior of some really screwed up people, this book gave those behaviors to innocent animals!"

"commentary on society is quite an interesting one...why is it that the pigs end up being top shelf anyways? and why is it that humans are the standard on the evolutionary ladder?"

"The whole time I just kept thinking that I could only handle reading one book about talking animals and I had already done Charlotte's Web."

"Mr.Orwell, if you're reading this, I am not trying to be mean. I thought the book was terrible ... It is about a group of animals taking over a farm and pigs end up becoming the leader and (convienently) found books which helped them speak :O."

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