Monday, March 11, 2013

Henry James - Daisy Miller II

"I didn't like her at all and I don't see how anyone could like her, she isn't charming with her stupidity, she isn't really pretty."

"Pretty pointless story for anyone in today's society to understand or care about"

"It makes backwards time travel less and less appealing."

"A very short book, and from a historical perspective it's one of the very first novels written."

"Daisy is a hooker.
Daisy Miller is a two timing whore. Every time she spoke I wanted to punch her."

"Daisy Miller as a character is a tease and the hero should have given up long ago."

"I had to read this dreadful book to complete an essay for English class. This book is pointless, not to mention boring. Anyone who has to read this book i feel sorry for!! The book is past its time and no teeager today could even begin to relate to this sad fictional prtoagonist, Dasiy Miller. The only purpose this book serves is to waste your time. Stay away form this worthless novella, this book is a waste paper i can't belive its actually printed"

"James killed Daisy in order to assure his European friends — rather than his American readers — that he was 'not like that', i.e., not like Daisy."

"I love to read. I’m absurdly nerdy ... While I love to read, there are some books I just can’t stand and will never ever understand. In college I took a Lit class that was so terrible to me and I felt like an idiot and a bad bookworm because I hate most of the classics. I hate The Great Gatsby. I hate Daisy Miller. Them, which isn’t technically a classic, is the worst book I’ve ever read just because I don’t get it. Books assigned in school almost always suck and are super complicated, outdated, and plain old complicated."

"I disliked Daisy Miller. I hated Daisy Miller. I wasn't sad at all when she died. She deserved it."

"Daisy Miller deserved to die because she's a slut and a tease"

"If we search someone to blame for the death of 'innocent' Daisy, i think she herself is the one to blame ... You thought you were more intelligent than Mrs. Walker. Girl, you should have listened to her advises. You were so arrogant and you thought you were a wise guy. You found yourself in the astonishing life of Europe. Travelling around the Europe didn’t improve your knowledge but your arrogance in society. You deserve death…

"If someone insists on doing wrong things,then let him/her to do it...Nothing can be effective than seeing the results of some mistakes,even if it is death!Daisy Miller deserves to die!Good end:)"

"Society was very strict and everybody laughed or made gossip after Daisy. However, the real responsible for Daisy’s death was Daisy’s herself. These kind of people, I mean who made gossip or laughed , can be seen everywhere. So people should behave according to the norms of the society."

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