Thursday, March 21, 2013

George Orwell - Animal Farm II

"I skipped the introduction and writing at the begining of the book because I hate history."

"I don't care for books with talking animals. That may sound like a terrible reason to dislike a book but if an author is trying to make an emotional connection to the reader this way, I won't be won over."

"I thought it was cruel and senseless to put the animals in as juxtaposition to the human plight. They are nothing like us and wouldn't be so stupid. It warped the entire concept."

"In my opinion its sick and twisted and very upsetting . I would not recommend this to any animal lover ."

"The improbability of it all bothers me. Pigs learning to write and milking cows? Farmers run off their land never to return because of an animal uprising? Doesn't the guy own a gun? I mean, seriously."

"I suppose it's OK if you're into boring books-this would definitely be the right book for you! ... a bunch of talking animals built a windmill and harvested crops-SOMEHOW-so unrealistic!"

"Pigs talking is stupid. I know,they are personified and supposed to be real historical figures. I don't care. It's still ridiculous."

"i did not like it becuase it was boring and becuase it was about pigs.Pigs that come alive which was so wired to me. I condider you to not read this book it will make no sense."

"I did not under stand this book. I was very upset and appaled! Why would pigs be in charge of a hole farm?!?"

"Animals believe in change. We cannot control them. All societies will eventually fall."

"The sheep characters lack substance and the pigs are hard to relate to."

"I hate Pigs now. HATE THEM"

"I didnt really like this book very much i didnt like how it said that animals could talk and that the became like humans, i didnt like the way that it said that the animals could learn to read and write, i didnt like how it said they could learn to fire a gun, i dint like how it said that the animals could chase off the humans, overall it was an absolutely terrible book and obviously made no sense, it just made no sense"

"it was bad animals do not talk"

"I HATE pigs. Hate. Hate them.

I am pretty sure that this book did that to me.

Since I am a HUGE tree/animal hugger.

But pigs. I don't care. Kill them.

I don't even eat them. THat is how much I hate pigs."

"I know it was supposed to reflect...shoot....I don't even remember what it was...some major event in European history..."

"its SUPPOSEDLY symolizes the french resolution"

"this book is a allegory of the french revolution. this book showed the hierarchy of the people during the French Revolution."

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