Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre III

"Upon reading the back page summary, I knew that it would be a grueling torture test in which only the strong willed would surive to the last page. Trudging page by terribe, agonizing page, I read the book over a period of one horrific month. Needless to say, this book ruined the previous exitement I had about reading. This is terrible. Some "classics" should not be given to males, as goes for females. Obviously a romance novel should not be given to a male and ask him to enjoy it, as such a brutal police killers book should not be given to a female and expect her to geniunely enjoy it. This book has left a deep scar on my ability to love liturature for the rest of my life and will not be easily healed."

"This is required school reading simply because of the weakness of all other female writers! Bronte is nothing more than a token."

"Based on the fact that the average review is 4.5 stars, I'm going to assume that most of the reviewers have been women ... Somehow, this got to be considered a literary classic about feminine empowerment. Just don't complain about guys liking stuff like Die Hard and football games and not being in touch with their feminine side after having to read [stuff] like this in English class."

"If you are a MALE, and are forced to read this book, do not even attempt to read it. Go with Cliff Notes. If you are a FEMALE, give it a try. The only reason schools asign this is because a woman wrote it. Email me your comments."

"If this book had an unknown date and author I'd of thought it was another one of those trashy 'love' novels written by Danielle Steel. Pure crap. The only reason I can find that this novel my even be remotely considered a classic is because it was written by a woman"

"Most all of the characters were two demensional and the plot was basic. This was more of a character development novel then a plot based novel. I'm not sexist in the least but this is truely a women's novel. The style was sappy and drawn out, and it was to much of a love story. I'm not trying to be macho but gentlemen don't waste your time."

"THERE IS REALLLY ACTUALLY TWO WORDS THAT I THINK SUMS UP Jane Eyre boring and senseless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"It is the worst book in the world, and it drags on and on and on. I definitely would not recommend this book for anyone who likes action, mystery, or high paced books. If you want to be bored out of your mind, sure, go ahead and read it. Don't say I didn't warn you!"


"Mildless drivel with sickening, neverending irony.
Irony, in small doses, isn't too bad. In fact, it is sometimes enjoyable. But this book takes irony to the next level. If Dickens' Tale of Two Cities was ironic, then it's met it's match. Mrs. DeFarge also being Little Girl with Bad Past is nothing compared to this. Honestly, what are the chances of stuff like this REALLY happening? The guy you want to marry just happens to have a crazy lady harbored upstairs, who happens to be his wife? The people who save you from starvation and death just so happen to be the nearest and dearest relations you have? Give me a break. Every new twist and turn of the 'unexpected' plot made me sick. Now, if it just so happened that Mr. Rochester was Jane's father, and his wife was her sister...Now that might have sparked a little more interest."

"This book, if it has any value at all, is to show the world the darkness of man's nature."

"I dont understand how anybody could consider this an enjoyable read. Sure, words that are 900 letters long were common then, but simple is better. Plot??? whats that? Bronte BEGINS to develop this mythical creature around page 300 of 460. Shes pathetically longwinded, taking over 400 pages to say what i couldve written in 1. This book is an utter waste of time; it lacks even the simplest aspects of a good book: Characters you can relate to(yeah right), PLOT!!, and making the authors point. Now that Ive finished burning my copy, i have to give her the fact that the ending was at least decent...compared to the rest of this pathetic thing. That is, only if you like this kind of thing, which i dont, as you can see. So, dont waste your time on this one...unless youve got ALOT of it to waste :)"

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