Saturday, January 12, 2013

Plato - Parmenides

"Seriously, I can’t even believe this shit. I have never seen so much contradiction on a subject in one book."

"Plato. Socrates. Aristotle. Horace. Pythagoras. The list goes on.

On what do we base our fundamental understanding of everything in the world and universe? To whom do we award the holy zenith of knowledge and wisdom? From whom have we written over 2,000 years of philosophical footnotes, enquiring the nature of Nature, the stars, and the hidden galaxies stored within the mind? Apparently, these dead and ancient chiton-wearing, wine-drinking, child-touching, Greek speaking men who didn’t have much else to do with their spare time.

Are we to take it that their word and outlook is the single viewpoint to understand the world, forms and everything else I can’t bother mentioning? How do you explain wave and light particles in the terminology of the ancients? How do you expound the principles of Zen Buddhism in the language of Greek philosophy? Can you even speak Greek? Will there be subtitles?"

"Oh Aristotle, Plato, Socrates!
A for effort
But the attempt
Was just so vain

A student needs not be asked
The genius in us asks the question

You’re not the means
Of revelation
Or the soul’s long
Lost thinkers

So leave your thoughts
In Ancient Greece
And allow
The cave-dwellers
To come out"


there, DONE."

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