Sunday, January 20, 2013

Washington Irving - Rip Van Winkle

"I didn't realize just how basic the story is. Besides the basic story of Rip Van Winkle falling asleep and waking up after the Revolutionary War, there isn't really much else to the story. Besides that, the old language as well as the adult themes (his shrew of a wife, him falling asleep after drinking too much booze, etc.) seem too adult ... I think a re-telling of the story would be better than actually reading the story."

"I didn't see the purpose of the story and it seemed to have no point for the reader."

"When I read the title , I wondered whether a such weird and ( allow me to say ) uncanny title would stand as a name of a character or a place ! I heard of it before but never did i have the guts to read it ! ... i couldn't put it down , well I LITERALLY couldn't put it down coz i just downloaded it as an e-book ."

"The are lots of long and unusual words that will prove frustrating ... the momentum of the story will be lost by the time you stop and explain the meaning of so many words."

"The universal reality of Washington Irving words describes the hardship of marriage upon the solitary nature of man. The matriarchal suppression upon man jeopardizes the very notion of man's nature. This notion is evident in all generations. The concept of how women 'suck the life out of men' is inherently true from the time of American Independence to modern day. Women of all ethnicities, colors, nationalities, social class have one common theme in relation to men—they want men to love them unconditionally. The very essence of women is to be cherishing and loving. And for all intensive purposes they are. But like men, women are needy, wanting, and dependent.

The needs of women are a complex to a simple man as rocket science. However, take the science out of the equation and the essential of women are revealed. The essentials are very common to the basic concept of child raising—eating, pooping, and lots of love. So much love in fact that it is a full time job to satisfy the loving need of a single woman. Thus, a reason why so many men fail in the love department. It's not so much organic sex that completely satisfies a woman but the other stuff that is so unnatural for a man. It’s the constant attention to details, the multi-taking, and the conditioning. Over time, women naturally domesticate men into their likely. The biblical phrase 'man was created in His image' is true from physical appear. Once a man become married, it's not His image that's Hers.

Wanting is not simply a woman's trait, but a man's as well. Both sexes want something from another. Women want love and constant attention. Men want love and to be left alone once and a while. It's not that men are solely solitary creature and women are socially progressive. It's that men have the wanting to find some peace in a little bite solitude. Where as women see the wanting for solitude as a means to avoid them. Interestingly that is so true, but only for a short amount of time. Men are like batteries, when just need time to recharge.

Dependency again is adherently characterized in both men and women. We are both emotionally dependent upon each other. Whether it’s a hard day at work or just the 'time of the month,' we are in some way supported by the opposite sex. Sometime the emotional support can be confusing to men. Men like to thing they can fix problems and for the most part when there is a problem that needs fixing logic takes over and the problem gets fixed. However, when a woman comes to her husband with a problem it’s not meant to be fixed. Women are searching for emotional support. Women want to be listened too and heard. They want to know they are right—that in some universe their conclusions they conjure are the right ones. The most important phrase a man can utter to his wife is 'YOU ARE RIGHT.'

Rip Van Winkle is a classical display of a happy man married to a wanting, needy, and dependent wife. In short, Rip Van Winkle was married to a woman."

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