Friday, January 18, 2013

Chaucer - The Canterbury Tales II

"I hate Chaucer.
Reading any work by Chaucer is seemingly no more than a waste of time. In English class, we are supposed to do a huge project on Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales,' which is quite simply a whole book filled with nonsensical stories about people's lives and struggles in days gone by. I find it quite monotonous. That's why I decided to finally update my blog: I was bored with this stupid project in school, and I found out that Blogger is one of the few sites that isn't blocked!

As I sit here in the library, I realize how much I have missed writing. I love my ability to write all of this in the blink of an eye. Although I'm really talking about nothing, I love it so."

"Right now i am reading this in my Englsih class, and it seems it is like Lord of the Rings. I jsut got done with The Pardoner's Tale.

Almost nothing but imagery, and it is even worse than Tolkien."

"A classic, so of course it's dull."

"I don't care about the fact that this book is supposed to be symbolic and meaningful or not, I think it's weird. I mean come on, there was one story in which three people ran around a dark room, taking turns sleeping together. What? Yeah, I really doubt pilgrims back then were that perverted. Next book!"

"This book is horrid. I think of it as mind-numbing. Its verse is stilted, its subject vile. Anyone thinking of reading this book be warned: it is terribly over-rated. People who know nothing of literature have boasted of reading this book."


"The worst part of being an English major is having this afflicted on me in multiple courses. The 3rd, 4th, hundredth, whatever, reading of this doesn't make me appreciate it more. Its not good literature."

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