Sunday, April 8, 2012

William Blake - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

"Utter rubbish
I found that most of the poems have all the substance of candy floss, and are written by a man who was utterly sanctimonious and a true prat ... Perhaps Blake's most irritating trait is his true ignorance of the countryside that he writes of- for example is assertion that 'the distant huntsman winds his horn' in the SUMMER, and his syrupy drool in 'The Lamb.' Avoid Blake unless you absolutely have to."


These books are meant to help you, however my own ideas were better than those in the book. Would not reccomend."

"Probably the worst piece of poetry I've ever read. This book has too much hype. It was lame and boring. If anything similar to this were to come out today, it wouldn't even get published."

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