Monday, April 16, 2012

Aristotle - Physics


"Aristotle was an Idiot. Really. Just a complete fuck-tard. His ideas are something I generally view as a plague that very actively inhibit understanding."

"Have you even listened to Aristlotle's rantings?Aristotle was an idiot."

"absolutely unquestionably wrong"

"virtually no relevance to contemporary science. Galileo et alia shattered the Aristotelean hegemony centuries ago."

Aristotelian logic is destroying our world. The world must stop adhering to this old style of logic and begin viewing all things as One if the human race is to survive for any decent length of time.

The way to sidestep around this trap of Aristotle is to see all things as One, with no particular leanings to either end of the pole. Be in the middle. Walk the middle path between the extremes. Observe with a scientific mind all that occurs before you in life."


"Aristotle was an idiot who never thought to do even the most basic of science experiments, therefore to me he is completely irrelevant."

"Mmm..I believe Aristotle was an idiot (although I'm forced to recognize his small contributions to some areas in science and philosophy)."

"obviously Aristotle was an idiot. Happiness comes from loving and following Jesus Christ. When we look to others, others will always disappoint. When we look within, we will also find faults. But when we look to HIM, we can find love and purpose."

"I'm fairly convinced that Aristotle was an idiot and has done more to slow the technological advancement of mankind more than just about any single individual in the history of man kind."

"Forget Plato. Forget Aristotle. What about that philosopher know as 'you'?"

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