Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream II

"You know what? I didn't like this all that much. at all, really."

"fucking stupid"

"For: escapists"

"Magical suckism."

"A lot of irony, which helped me understand what irony is."

"The book was very hard to follow, and I am also not a fan of Shakespeare. The only reason I give this two stars instead of one is that Stephanie Meyer said in an interview that this book will be one of the boks that is mentioned in her next book Breaking Dawn!"

"I read this in my 10th grade English class. Thankfully my teacher just had us go to spark notes"

"I hate that extra play in a play thing at the end. You think the darn thing is over but then you have to sit through another 10 minutes."

"This is just too difficult to follow for me. I have a very hard time getting into a book that I cannot understand. The words are big and outdated. The writing style is long winded and over-worded. I just don't like it."

Comedy schmodedy. If Shakespeare had meant it to be funny he would have put a joke in it. Me, I'm a fan of the Farrelly brothers. Like that bit in Dumb and Dumber when he's, like, laying this monster crap in the ski chalet. Classic. Now that's comedy."

"Uh... uh... I don't get it? It contained no real substance. I found my attention drifting far away from the text during the 15 minutes I devoted myself to it each day (I couldn't take any more than 15 minutes! I just couldn't!)."

"This book sucks.
Say, this fictional and capricious play by Shakespear (not an original printing, you should know)is a capital reading choice. I commend you for taking the time to read and admire the Immortal Bard's wonderful work. Alliteration, huh? pretty neat."

"i thought this book was stupid and kinda confusing... its a play and they do a play within a play, um no its just not gonna work out. its a stupid book because there are 3 worlds, none that would ever really be around, and faries are just no longer popular. so if shakesphere was actually a good writer then sure, but this book is just weird."

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