Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flaubert - Three Tales

"I hated the stupid parrot--that story was ridiculous."

"This book was, frankly, awful. I only got through the first tale, but it was clear that the rest would not improve. This is supposed to be Flaubert's 'light-hearted' work. Yeah. Right. It's as cross and old and dreary as 'The Tell-Tale Heart.' It's basically a fast-forwarded life story of a simple servant maid who does nothing special and is specifically stated as being very stupid. She has a stuffed parrot that reminds her of the Holy Spirit. Eventually, she dies, all alone. Need I say more?"

"I really liked the first two, but the last (Herodias) forced me to knock down my rating ... The story presupposes a great deal of historical/biblical knowledge on the part of the reader."

"completely flatlined for me. The dead parrot was more interesting than the main character."

"I feel that he missed an opportunity here, failed to make the words as captivating as they could be."

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