Thursday, April 26, 2012

Emily Dickinson - Poems

"Ugh. WHat a bore. I hate poetry."

"wah wah wah."

"It's no wonder Dickinson managed to produce the volume of material she did -- her work is almost entirely abstract and generally shallow; it can't have taken her more than a couple of minutes to vomit out each one ... No images are brought to mind and no emotional connection are made; the poems just sit there, Dead on the page. While they may have been True to Emily, these poems have nothing whatsoever to do with Beauty."

"Why did I get this book? I knew Emily Dicknson was well known and I enjoy poetry. Poems are like snack or desserts for big readers depending on tje poem ... Why don't I like this book? It is an enigma. I can hardly understand what Dickenson is trying to say and some of the metaphors and similes are so confusing I wonder if the author herself even understood what she was jotting down on paper."

"It's really a crime... Dickinson is still remembered today. There have been many bad poets in the world's history; Dickinson was about the worst. Buried in smug contempt and suffused with undeserved egotism, Dickinson's poems show not even the most minimal grasp of the English language. How so many people mistake Dickinson's muffled ignorance for thought is beyond me."

"I'm not going to read all the way through. Though some reference Jesus, she seems unable to comprehend what He means to her in her life or accept Him as her Savior... lots of doubt and cynicism."

"I'm really more of a concrete detail kind of girl. Every time she says 'transport' I start thinking about cinnamon rolls or something; ANYTHING is more interesting."

"I cannot stand Emily Dickinson and her random capitalization. No wonder she didn't publish one of her thousands of poems while alive."

"No one in the history of literature has a greater reputation based on less talent. She is respected not for her poetry, but for her relationship to her poetry; in other words, she is an intriguing figure, and her poetry gives us some insight into her, but the poems themselves are completely unremarkable, and the praise she gets for them is the same kind of praise I give to my undergraduate creative writing students when they make one good word choice in a ten-page story. I cringe every time I read a Dickinson poem."

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