Saturday, April 28, 2012

Emily Dickinson - Poems II

"First of all, she's nothing but a case of early women poets being famous only because they are women. Seriously, nothing she did shook up the world of poetry. The only thing that made an impact was that she didn't have a penis. Secondly, she's famous for being a creepy recluse. Third of all, every one of my English teachers swore up and down that she purposely would break rhymes to draw more attention to the words of that particular rhyme. What we like to call slant rhymes. WELL, I CALL THEM BULLSHIT.

This is what really happened:

Emily: 'Oh, here I go. I'm going to write a poem. Let's see:

Roses are red, violents are blue.
Something about death here...
Or time... perhaps time...
Oh shit, what rhymes with this word?

...Oh fuck it!'"

"She lived in an attic and never came out. I have long held that her 'amazing/insightful/what-have-you' use of dashes was simply an utter lack of understanding of proper punctuation."

"she's a housewrecking bitch!! she only loves married men ! horny asshole =P"

"I love poetry more than anything and I HATE Dickinson. Her letter reveal her true purpose. She wanted to be weird and present shock value. She also begged for pity and was entirely self-concerned caring nothing for the happiness of others if it did not affect her."

"I wouldn't hate Dickinson so much if I didn't believe in poetry (and art) as a way to transcend ourselves by speaking of, and to, the universal."

"I looked up Emily Dickinson in the dictionary today. It said: 'See emo.'"

"It’s no wonder she hid these in a trunk."

"Emily Dickinson was the world’s first emo kid…"

"emily dickinson isn’t so special. unless you count her as being like the great grandmother of mediocre emo poety."

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