Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream

"Shakespeare sucks and this book is no different. I have also seen the play and it sucks just as much."

"Far below the quality and enjoyability of the shakespeare works."

"I appreciate Shakespeare because it's expected for me to do so, but I don't enjoy reading his work."

"Each of his plays tends to offer nothing more than a decent fantasy tale and/or an uninventive guide to using basic flowery prosody."

"I sadly have to say that I didn't like this at all. Maybe because I have read too many Greek dramas and novels in the past and so the comical approach to this seemed completely disturbing to me. It was plain silly."

"What a horrible plot. The ending is just terrible - a play within a play? Sounds interesting, but it's not even remotely so."

"I think people make way too much out of Shakespeare. He was the creator of the trashy Hollywood movies of his day. Maybe in a couple of hundred years, people will obsess over the dramatic mastery of movies like 'High School Musical,' too."

"Sometiems the king of this story reminds me of my father... he is always chooseing thigs for me thinking is the best but in the end we always turn to arguments."

"I just don't have the time or the patience to plod through outdated language. And I don't feel any more intelligent or educated for having read it."

"While I was reading through it, I was quizzical about the fact that this was a comedy. The plot seemed tragic for me, especially the short play about Phyramus and Thisbe"

"For all intensive purposes, the commercials for the 1999 movie told me all I needed to know."

"I prefer post modern literature, didn't he get flunkies to write half his stuff? hmm"

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