Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shakespeare - Hamlet

"Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s worst plays."

"Kill me now. I'd pretend to act interested but I won't even try."


"not a better play of his."

"Can you say dumb and boring?!!!!"

"I hate hamlet. The sniveling little brat prince should have just off'd himself in the first act and saved us all the hassle of suffering through his inability to cope with his father's death."


"some of the most epically inspiring quotes are found in this single piece of writing, some of which being, 'To be or not to be...' 'There is method to his madness,' and my personal favorite, 'This above all: To thine own self be true.'"


"INSECT what are the school thinking?"

"Would've been a good book if the play was revolved around Laertes instead of Hamlet. It would've been based on the same timeline but just from Laertes's point of view. Think about it."

"The plain truth is that there are plenty of non-fictional people who have dealt with more difficult things with much less complaining."

"I also detest his motives for killing Claudius. Is he concerned that his uncle is evil and needs to be stopped? No, all Hamlet cares about is revenge for his father's death."

"It mainly rewards it's dignified and true readers who push through and read it in it's entirety ... I'm a fan of atmosphere in books and setting, and the setting in Italy and Greece and Eastern Europe really intrigues me. I love knowing more about those places and their history. So this is a nice way to get a sweet taste of that"

"It sucked because I couldn't identify with Hamlet. I didn't identify with him when he was telling his mother who she cannot have sex with, and I didn't identify with him when he was ruining Ophelia's life, and I don't identify with him now ... I will refer to this play as Hamlet: the Suck-fest. Why is it a classic (and why does Hamlet hate women)?"

"I did not care for the fact that two men see the ghost in the beginning but are never seen or heard from again."

"To be honest, I find Shakespeare too difficult to wade through. If I must be subjected to the bard, I prefer to see it live, or even in a movie. I find I'm able to understand it more. Or I could watch the Lion King, and then I get to sing along! ;)"

"I don't know what Willy Shakespeare was thinking when he wrote this one play tragedy, but I thought this sure was boring! Hamlet does too much talking and not enough stuff. He needs to shape up and show them who's boss. Maybe Shakespeare fans of Hamlet should take a rest on the book tragedy! Ha ha!"

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