Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fyodor Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishment III

"HATED this book. Long and tedious, but more importantly, it puts the reader inside the mind of a crazy person, and it was not someplace I wanted to be"

"Call me a Philistine, but this would have scored higher if the editor had removed the repetitions and thus halved its length."

"I feel it fails at the fundamentals of what a story should be about. Sure, we sympathise with our anti hero, who for some reason feels compelled to commit murder for the sole reason of seeing if he can get away with it.
But the tale becomes so dreary and chlaustrophobic, and Raskolnikov becomes so wrapped up himself we are treated to too much internal reflection. I'm sure it is a commentary on many aspects of life, but of what worth is this, if the story cannot hold the reader to deliver such things. This book, for me, is outdated and irrelevant, and Im sure I will incur the wrath of the purists for that statement.
But, dear reader, consider this. You are considering buying this, right? Hence you're reading a review on it. If it is part of a course for you, or you have an inflated opinion of your own intellectual faculties, buy it with my blessing and gibber on to your friends about how sophisticated you are to have read this. But, if, like me, you are looking for a good novel with some value for a more casual reader, steer well clear, and by doing so distance yourself from the pretentious crowd."

"Pseudo intelectual by a racist writer
The only people who should read this book are people who belong to so called ' intelectual' parties, or people who have commited terrible crimes - it can replace death as ' The Capital Punnishment' .
If you're intrested in good literature, smart writing, character analysis, ANYTHING... search elsewhere.

If you shot your Teacher for forcing you to read this, you have my sympathy"

"In this inspired book, Dosoyevsky forwards a complex, brilliant and innovative world view - that you have to be punnished for your crimes!
By a sexist, racist writer, we get the story to bore even the most adequate reader. It's so boring, dead people will rise to shut you up if you'll read it to them.

This is the lamest so-called classic I've ever read ... And by the way, lots of people say they liked 'Brothers K'. It is, admittedly, somewhat better then this one, but that's like being drier then the ocean. Evoid at all costs!"

"There are people like this man in the world, of that I have no doubt, but through their pains, sufferings, and guilty consience, things will not be alright, and this is something that should not even be suggested to the weak and fickle minds of today."

"It is a crime that I was punished by this wordy tripe!"

"Lessons this book teaches us: 'You are not superiour to other people, do not kill other people, God is the answer to all your problems'

Good. now let's go after some teletabbies."

"Well what can I say, I would much rather find myself engrossed in some soup label literature than this atrocity. Who is this guy? This book makes me feel physically ill and I have the continous urge to rush to the bathroom and deposit my last eaten meal everytime I come across the novel lying on the kitchen table."

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  1. All morons. And I can prove it by all the spelling errors.