Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plato - The Republic II

"The most yaoi thing i've read lately is plato's Republic, which is a bit too nambla for my taste."

"I hate the republic. I want to burn it. It is one of the most ridiculous things that I've ever had to read!"

"i hate plato. i hate the republic. i hate his double messages. he confuses me. help."

"Oh man, I hate The Republic. I can almost vaguely sense the stench of the gas chamber every time I read it."

"God, I hate the Republic. I HATE IT ... It's horrible, it's so boring and all the arguments are posed in such a silly way"

"I hate The Republic by Plato(all of his arguements are biased...Plato just wants his 'teacher'... get it... 'teacher'... ahem... 'boyfriend'... to look good...)"

"All of this was fun for about fifty pages, and then even the most ridiculous displays of Socrates worship couldn't hold my interest."

"Plato is, hopefully, burning in hell. The Allegory of the Cave is retarded, and besides, anyone who offers you an allegory should be feared and avoided at ALL costs."

"His Philosopher King lunacy holds that the Governmental, which primarily exists to serve families, should be run by academic elitists instead of family men."

"God forbid that i have to read this tosh.

he goes on and on and on - too sanctimonious!!"

"I hate the Republic so much. Socrates and Plato just love lying. Oh, and assuming that everyone except themselves is an imbecil. If Athens was full of morons, why on Earth did they 'love' it so much?"

"I HATE the republic as well. all snooty elitism. who gives a fuck? yep, let's exploit the slaves, only the best shall rule... I'm plato, and I've never even put this into practice but somehow I think everyone should venerate me and I should be taught to unfortunate college students for years on end."

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