Monday, February 20, 2012

Ralph Waldo Emerson - Essays

"This is a very deep book--very fitting for a deep person such as myself."

"Emerson was a spineless opportunist who took ideas from everyone with whom he was ever in contact."

"This fucker's a jumped-up graduation speaker at an overpriced private high school, and that's all there is to it."

"Some interesting conversation points but contradicts Biblical teaching on a number of points. For example, Emerson relies totally on the individual in his attempt to live life. Totally on his own, he tries to achieve perfection. The Bible teaches man has fallen and cannot achieve perfection or eternal life on his own. Instead, man must rely on God to rectify our sin (through His gracious provision of Jesus Christ – John 14:6). How does this fit into Emerson’s enormous emphasis on self-reliance as the fulfilling way to life?"

"Emerson has alot to say. Unfortunately, He has too much to say"

"I'm sure he has good things to philosophize about, but too wordy"

"Emerson just seems like he's taken the wrong meds...if you know what I mean..."

"Talk about 'little minds.' What a contradictory piece of shit."

"The essence of Emerson's essays is merely nebulous claims to self-importance and a direct undermining of Christianity and traditional values."

"The main ideas here are straight from the diary of an angst-ridden, over-privileged, self-absorbed smarty-pants 16-year-old."

"Self-Reliance: Meh. A preachy sermon about the importance of thinking for one's self. The essay reads too much like ye olde scripture with too many digressions."

"This book was a waste of my time. Not anywhere in his bumbling incoherence did Waldo come up with a single cognitive thought! The shame he has brought upon American society is very disturbing. I mean, his name is WALDO. You know? As in, where's Waldo? Obviously he's very lost. Stay away!"

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