Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beowulf III

"I liked the descriptive the author words, I almost thought that the made up monsters and warriors were real. Beowulf was a hero an through that power he beings to be hated because he was able to protect everyone's life even if it wasn't his responsibility to defend someone he made it his, making other hero less powerful."

"Boring. The only plot is a hero fighting and killing monsters."

"This particular edition is the Charles William Kennedy translation, which is true to the original iambic pentameter the epic poem was written in."

"Okay, I get it. You're strong and proud. What are you, a black woman?"

"I am sure glad that story telling has improved over the years."

"All I really remember is Beowolf bludgeoning Grendel's mother to death with her own arm. I seem to recall we were all very indignant about that. The idea of a supposed-hero killing the monster (and the monster's mother) just for the sake of killing does not sit well with me."

"To me Beowulf is important as a piece of history rather than as a piece of literature. It shows how literature has developed and how it existed at is very beginning. Simple, very black and white."

"bleehhhhhhhhhhhh who cares you were all going to die of dysentery or childbearing complications or consumption anyway."

"Just because a work is Great does not mean it is good. And it was NOTHING like the move!"

"I would not recommend Beowulf to anyone who is looking for an interesting book. The story line is too historic, and it is hard for people these days to find a way to connect with Beowulf, the main character. As someone who does not enjoy stories based around epic heroes, Beowulf was extremely boring for me. He kills this; he slaughters that; he defeats this; he overpowers that. The story is so predictable that it isn't even worth reading."

"The story centers around a most egotistical, self-glorifying man, Beowulf. The reader must endure pages and pages of Beowulf's constant bragging and babbling about his numerous 'brave' feats."

"Beowulf, outstanding historic relic that it may be, is incredibly boring. Has anyone ever sat down and read Beowulf for fun? If so, that poor chap must either have given up on page 3, or must have strange literary appetites indeed. This is basically an old legend, which can be related faithfully to you in, oh, maybe a three page little tale, but instead is blown up into what seems to be an endless poem. All I can say it, avoid this like the plague!"

"If you only read one book this year that: lacks substance, doesnt require any real thinking, lacks adequate description, has a ridiculously overpowered and infinitely benevolent hero, is written in a boring fashion, and is a 6th century equivalent to The Power Rangers......... makes it this one!"

"Beowulf is the enbodyment of everthing I can't stand in a male. He is arrogant and vain. It is completely unnecesary to announce every person's linage every time a person is spoken of. YUCK!!!!!! The memories in the middle of an action are distracting and annoying. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because I like dragons."

"This book had to be a bad joke or a cruel punishment. I was forced to read this for a British lit class and let me tell you it was money wasted. I continue to be amazed at the belief that just because something is written by the British then that in itself makes it a classic and a must read. We freed ourselves from the British government through war and struggle. What do we have to do to free ourselves from their literature, becuase other than The Cantebury Tales and a few poems and epitaphs, British lit is long, boring, tedious and outdated. Not to mention some of the language is unbearable, I find myself having to re-read passages just to understand them. Please free the college undergrads of the world."

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