Monday, October 24, 2011

William Faulkner - The Sound and the Fury II

"Twas ok, people read too much into it though. I mean, I could write a book like this, exactly like this, but it wouldn't be as acclaimed..I've always wondered why that is. How do uninteresting books win awards? Of course I mean hypothetically I could write a book like it, but realistically I would probably lose interest"

"I HATE that about poets and writers, that not all writing is accessable to all people"

"it has some really good themes. but honestly, was he totally wasted while writing this?"

"My English teacher said that Faulkner was a writer's writer (in that he wrote to impress other writers). It's pretty apparent this is the case. He could've written in a straightforward fashion and maybe I would like him, but no, he has to make everything confusing so when you're done with a chapter, you think 'What the hell just happened?' He is the face of pretentious know-it-all writers everywhere."

"A much different book than I was expecting from what little I knew of it. This was not really a positive, because I imagined a book that I would like"

"Faulkner explores the decay of one particular Southern family, which stands as a proxy for the fate of the South after the Civil War. Not a subject that seems very relevant anymore and certainly not very interesting."

"Such a strange phenomenon - the individual words I could understand, even the occasional phrase, but by the time I closed the novel all I felt was how generally pissed-off my brain was at me for forcing it to impose sense on the nonsensical for such an extended period of time. Granted, Faulkner's brilliant. And most definitely unique. But not even Marquez is half this much work."

"Very specifically, I observe from my own daughters that they are much more interested in their own emotional state than in observing what other people are saying or doing around them; Benjy, as portrayed by Faulkner, is completely the opposite, and I found that so contrary to my own experience that I could not engage with the story at all."

"To this day, I am unsure of whether the main character of this novel was male or female, human or animal (for several chapters I was certain that he (she?) was a dog), living or dead (for several chapters I thought he (she? it?) was a ghost), etc."

"It's a shame I don't drink or do drugs because I honestly thought I was supposed to alter my mind in some way in order to make it through this thing."

"Did Faulkner invent the run-on sentence? If not, he certainly perfected it. I abhor him and I'm glad I'm not alone."

"I can read an entire chapter and then realize I didn't catch anything that went on. I now intend to lock any copies of his books I find in a vault and then drop it into the ocean."

"The biggest problem with this style is that it's used for a novel."

"one of those books that people like to like just to feel better and smarter than others."


"This book was considered a classic! I consider it a book with unsolved circumstances, a family that can't get a long, and a concept for bad grammar! I hated reading this book, but read it all the way through! I prefer Wuthering Heights of this sh*t!"

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