Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Milton - Paradise Lost II

"I'm supposed to have read PL already, it having been assigned reading in my Christianity and Literature course; but I have no idea how anyone can read a twelve-book epic poem of enormous depth in one semester amidst a full schedule of courses. The prof had to have known that."

"this guy made me want to cut myself."

"i hate paradise lost and i hate milton."

"i hate paradise lost
just a fuckin pain to study it...milton was a obnoxious son of a bitch.."

"just like, FUCK who EVER thought 'paradise lost' was a good 'novel' of poetic expression? Milton sucks, the rest of them suck, the only great author is the 'gulliver' guy."

"i dont agree with what milton did at shouldint tryu to humanise..somethng thats i guess is essentially the embodyment of everything bad that we do ... what milton did never should have been done..the guys second to god he's the very defintion of goodness and peace anithesisis to the point that he was expelled from paradoise..for being so horrible ... this exactly why you should stay away form writing about comsics concepts of good or evil or what ever in the very first place

because when you try to hum,anise some one like lucy you come up with the klind of person all of us would hate...

who flaunts that and always co,mes out onto never getitng burned for it"

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