Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Bible

"If you want to read a book, don't bother with this one."

"this Bible is just plain HUGE."

"It is much like Tolkien's 'Silmarillion' which could be basically seen as an improved, and definitely more interesting version of the Bible."

"if the bible is perfectly gods word then why so many denominations and different beliefs on the same book. If something was perfect then there would not be any debating it. It would simply just be. Like if something is black its black. A circle is a circle. Same with atheism. If there were no god then there would doubt or question. Wheres the proof of anything but what we have here. Grammer due to cell phone."

"bible perfect? nah theirs are new bible out each month . its wrong only religion thats true and states the most facts and proof of a god existence is the holy quran ."

"If dino bones were buried by atheists, why do atheist scientists claim they are millions of years old?"

"Above all, maintain a superior attitude when dealing with lesser cultures than your own. Know that God will punish them all for their disbelief."

"I am an atheist, but I've always wanted to read the bible cover to cover. I've just finished Genesis. It's worse than I expected. Genesis really sets the stage for the misogyny and homophobia that follow."

"To all people who disagrees that the bible is perfect , please answer this:The Word of God is our sword and how can God equip us with a sword that is not perfect and can break? (Ephesians 6:17)"

"I cant BELIEVE that someone wrote this book for children! It's nothing but genocide and rape, how horrible! It is poorly written, and the story doesn't even make sense, or tie together. It gets one star because i cant give it less."

"Also, Thx to my faithful Mentor Mr. Indra who give me this Great Book. And of course, My Utmost to God Only ^_^"

"The worst propaganda tract incurred upon poor humanity. Or is it the best because it actually worked? Most (notice I wrote 'most') of the 'demonizing' and the warped 'morality' in our society can traced back to this book. It may have been necessary to have its 'laws' and uphold them in ancient times, when humans were too stupid to govern themselves, but even though they are outmoded (how many don't understand that killing and stealing indiscriminately are not the best ways to get along with fellow humans?) people, like junkies, simply can't let go of 'big daddy' religion and 'law.' It is also racist as ol jehova states over and over how he hates all other peoples, 'gentiles', all but the Hebrews (didn't he create everybody?)."

"Gods word is true, but imperfect man reads it through often preconcieved ideas. Most of witch are recieved by people who do not read the bible but ' thinks it says something. Like most people think the bible says ' spare the rod and spoil the child'. Whereas the word says that a man who spares the rod hates his child.Or for some moronic reason people think God wants people to be poor." (MATTHEW 19:21) "Thus whole denominations take stupid vows of poverty."

"The most dangerous book ever written. Ignorant and fucking boring to boot."

"Hated by those who dont understand it, dont believe in it nor want to believe in it; so they can continue in their own ways giving into their own selfish impulses & those impulses that God list as sin such as: adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, bisexuals, lying, killing, thieving; lovers of money, material pleasure instead of seeking God"

"Anything About God I Love too Read it"

"all I can say is that it is very ...'holy'"

"I found the mixture of brutal horror in with children's fairy tales to just not be the sort of thing that should be combined."

"Character development was in most cases nearly non-existant. I found that nearly all of the female characters in the book were villianized with very few exceptions."

"This Author really should at least name his antagonists that just smacks of lazy writing."

"Ugh! This book if full of horrible, contradicting stories! The people in this book are very degrading to women and seem to have sex with whoever they want, whenever they want. And women are the property of men? Gag me. And this God character is supposed to be loving and kind and forgiving, but he makes those two bears rip apart all those children in a bloody massacre - just because they made fun of some bald guy?? What happened to forgiveness and turning the other cheek? This is a horrible book full of immoral stories and atrocious 'teachings'. We should try to get this book banned from all libraries!"

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