Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shakespeare - All's Well That Ends Well

"In an age when women weren't even allowed to act, I wasn't shocked by the lack of feminism in the play."

"More of a slog than a read. From the opening salvos argued against virginity you get a taste of the depth – that is to say, very ornate juvenile thinking, which goes from the personalities of the characters all the way up to the construction of the plot. It manages to make both bitter cynicism and fairy tale logic unappealing. Flighty, flowery, and not really worth reaching the end on paper."

"Like a Hollywood story."

"Sorry Bill, I still love ya, but this is unacceptable work. Take it back and rewrite it. Put some 3-dimensional characters in it, kill somebody, or torture their conscience until they snap and make a bloody mess. Do something! Don't just sit there Bill! Don't just sit there! I'll give you a C -. For extra credit you can write an apology letter for wasting my time, or fix me a hot pocket."

"The verse and prose are all over the place with no real reason for how they are chosen."

"It's supposed to be a comedy, but when you think about what is happening in the plot with lots of lying, deception, characters working angles, and impure motives, it really isn't all that funny."

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