Monday, October 3, 2011

John Locke - Second Treatise of Civil Government

"This novel is the complex books of books. John Locke focuses on the people's property and the human itself being. The first pages sounds very confusing, but if you read closely, John Locke speaks about the Declaration of Independence. Also, on page 4, second chapter, second paragraph, one of the lines relates to Socrates and how humans or kings see do what he or they see fit. So far, I have just started John Locke, the novel looks interesting, but to me it is too much complex. It's kind of hard to understand what is John Locke trying to speak out. But don't take my advice, read the book!!! It is said that 'anyone that can understand what John Locke is speaking of and trying to explain then college won't be a problem to finish.'"

"I guess it was groundbreaking when it was written, but I don't care about it now."

"I do not wish to disrespect dead people but I believe Mr.Locke deserves it here.

I picked up the book expecting to read a masterpiece and what I get is Locke playing Captain Obvious. I did not even bother to read the first part of the book ... The second part of the book should not be spent on because what Locke is stating is already so obvious that you don't need to read a book about it."

"I think this book is good but it lacks being able to keep my attention and I have read huge books. If it kept my attention for a little bit longer than the first page I would keep reading it."

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