Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sigmund Freud - The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

"Quaint misogynistic ramblings of an old fuddy duddy."

"I was left wondering if anyone would ever suggest this book if the authors name wasn't Freud."


"Something telling about Freud is he only ever analysed women."

"He was a fucking nazi antisemite.

He set back psychiatry at least a century. I would list him with the most destructive Jews of all time.

*Saul of Tarsus
*Germain Greer (or whichever Jew is most responsible for that feminist crap)
Sigismund Schlomo Freud: cocaine fueled faggot who could hard drill you or take it in the ass just the same was mostly a fraud.. In other words Sigmund didn't want anybody else fucking his daughter than himself.
Nice to think of him getting cancer in his mouth and having his jaw amputated and replaced with a malthom. Imagine him sitting there and drooling openly or trying to get food down his throat that he was unable to jew... Sigismund Schlomo Freud: history paints your name with feces. FUCKING PAINTS YOUR NAME WITH FECES!

Your decedents are ashamed of you, no modern school of thought believes in your coke fueled failures and you're rotting in the ground undeserving of any historical recognition beyond setting an example that sometimes, no good worthless incestuous demented fuckers get more power than they deserve and that when they do, they should be quickly squashed before their insane ideals poison society.

I spit on your memories and whenever I see your name on the printed page, I will draw a single line through it and replace it with 'cocaine fueled failure'

You have no legacy - dead evil 'doctor'."

"The evidence is mounting that Freud murdered his patients according to the serial killer model that Harold Shipman, Herman Mudgett et. al. would later follow - that of a Jewish/circum-stumped, opiate-prescribing doctor who killed his patients for money and circum-revenge against their yenta mothers.
Freud was a misandrist (faggot). Some of his kosher partners in anus worship were Willhelm Fliess and Edward Silberstein, and he broke up with Carl Jung over misandrist attraction."

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