Friday, October 7, 2011

F. Scott Fitzgerald - Tender is the Night

"The writing style, perhaps not in all his novels but certainly in this one, is so jerky and disjointed that the author obviously needed Ritalin, to the extent that I now refer to Fitzgerald as 'The Picasso Of Literature'."



"OMG. I've finally did it. I can't believe that I've managed to read it. It was BORING, extremely boring!"

"Don't waste any of your life in reading this book."

"It took me about a month to read this book because I would get so lost in the confusing words and sentence structures and had no real no motivation to finish it. I don;t recommend this book to anyone unless you are an insomniac and would like sleep because this book would do the trick!"

"load of old twaddle,Fitzgerald spent 9 years completing this book,time better spent painting a fence.if you value your sanity give this book a very wide berth."

"Because Tender is the Night is a novel without any central conflict (such as the well-known story of Forest Gump), I didn't find it to have any real point."

"read the wikipedia plot summary instead."

"The terrible sentence structure ruined what might have been an interesting drama of a married couple - their courtship and tragic ending. It was really incredibly difficult to decipher what the author was trying to say."

"What I remember of this is being so Aggrieved by it that I actually left it on the train the day I finished it."

"a bunch of flowery blah-blah."

"One thing I don't like about F. Scott Fitzgerald is that his writing leaves too much to be assumed. I frequently cannot tell whether something is actually happening or if the characters are just thinking about it ... I was also struck by the amount of immorality, alcohol, etc. that takes places in this book set in the 1920s. I like to think that there wasn't so much of those things in the 1920s, but I've concluded that there has always been social problems, we just have more technology that makes it easy to hear about them. They are talked about more openly today rather than being just mentioned or hinted at."

"I tried to connect with the handsome Dick Diver - but couldn't."


"absolite arse. self indulgent meandering drivel"

"Ugh. This overly romantic novel almost made me throw up. TOO MUCH LOVE."

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