Thursday, September 1, 2011

Charles Dickens - Great Expectations

"Best to get someone else to sum up the story rather than undergo the torture of reading it."

"I wouldn't even wipe my ass with this."

"I don't get it! What's to like? The story centres around a completely unlikable twit and a stone cold bitch, surrounded by a further cast of such extreme eccentrics that you're left wondering where all the *normal* people went."

"By the time I was finished with this book I had nothing but bad thoughts for the author. My favorite of which was, 'I hope he's burning in hell and they're using his shitty book to feed the flames.' I may just be an angry child, but man, I abhor this book."

"oh my god i hate this book with all my heart and soul. whenever it comes up in conversation and someone hasn't read it i immediately spoil the ending to save them the trouble."

"Memo to Mr. Dickens: Why do I care if they had three different kinds of meat at dinner? Tell me more about why that one dude was looking at the maid THAT way all through the meal. Come on!"

"No one should be exposed to such boring and subversive writing"

"I had a great deal of difficulty since the words and the language used are just to difficult. You can slash at the book but you just won't get inside and fell that you're there. Just the parts in Pip's house make sleep and Joe well makes me sick!. It's ok but don't pick it up if you want a quick read. If you can't get the Isabela you desperate boy Pip then stop trying since you'll newver will!!!"

"Gag me with a stick. I quite frankly think Dickens like to hear his work read aloud."

"I literally decided to home school because I didn't want to finish this in preparation for ninth grade honors English. Seriously."

"This honestly has to be one of the worst books I've ever read. Written in the usual BritLit style, it loops around the same idea constantly so that when you reach the end nothing has happened and you've really learned nothing except for how much time you've wasted of your life."

"Pip and Miss Havisham are both bitches. I hate them both."

"throughout that entire novel i wished pip a terrible death"

"Everything about Pip makes me feel twitchy and violent. I actually pulled out my thesaurus for this review because "stupid" just didn't do him justice. The protagonist is an obtuse, pussy-whipped, daft idiot who never outgrows himself. Why was he so static? Were ANY of the characters likable in any way?"

"He's a whiny, self-important brat who thinks he's too good for those around him through the whole book. No wonder my young self couldn't stand him--he was incapable of learning a thing."

"I wanted to thrash him with my gold-headed sword-cane."

"Why can't we read Mitch Albom? There's just as many life lessons there as in Charles Dickens' book!"

"I hat Dickens, I hate Dickens, I hate Dickens. Ponderous, bloated, diseased ramblings of a very disturbed individual. Ugh."

"If you are thinking that I am not intellectually advanced enough to appreciate this fine art, then you are a follower. Try to think for yourself sometimes. Bye-bye."

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