Friday, September 23, 2011

Ernest Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises III

"The book has no theme, except that narcissim is okay. If you are a narcissist, and enjoy drinking, this book is for you."

"It sounded like a modern day soap opra off of the television."


"This book is not only TERRIBLY written, it is boring beyond words. Hemingway's writing style could easily be surpassed by a seven year old. Descriptions like 'she was really pretty' just don't cut it in the world of top writers."

"They say this is a 'Portrait of the lost post-war generation'. POrtrait my a...!! SO, if it is a portrait, I don't care about it"

"Now, will someone please explain why the hell bullfighting is such a noble effort anyway. I mean there are soldiers (even in Hemingway's time) fighting and dying for great causes"

"He is not that great of a writer. His style is short, simple, with not a lot of difficult vocabulary. Because of his style, his characters are two-dimensional and dull."

"The language that Hemingway uses in the book was crude and 'swear-like'. Young kids (and even adults) do not need to read such language. There's no point for such language. No role models at all in the book. I see no point in a 14 year old needing to read such garbage. I think people like this book because it is written by the famous, Ernest Hemingway and they feel that they NEED to say it's good because they want to fit in. It's either that or they have no morals and don't care what comes out of people mouths. These are the people that probably like to watch 'Jerry Spinger'. Anyway, the book had no point and no plot. This was a very hard book to do a book report on and I ended up with a 'C' on my book report because of my options did not map to the teachers. I later found out that my teacher didn't even read my book report and outsourced it to her teacher's aid. This made me mad. Teachers should grade their own students book reports, not give the job to someone I don't know. I could understand having a teacher outsourcing the grading of multiple choice/ true false tests. Things that have a definate 'yes' or 'no' answer to them but not essays. Anyway, if you like garbage and wasting your time this book is for you."

"I just don't understand how Hemingway writes dialogue. No one talks like that. Finish a sentence already!"

"It was an exercise my patients"

"And why could brett and Barnes not be together? They loved each other, but she was always running off with some other guy. It did not make any sense."

"And for the Lost Generation.... what's interesting about it? Maybe it's only the book written for the Lost Generation, but I don't believe in it. Or maybe, this could be the best novel to represent the said generation. But it's quite bleak to me. A nonfiction about the Lost Generation might do, but... is there any? Well, what for? I'm not interested anyway."

"I can't even tell what genre it is, because nothing happened."

"the characters kept refering to each other as 'tight' but I never was able to figure out what exactly they meant (emotionally pent-up)?"

"You know how people look at an abstract painting (like a Pollock) and say 'My 8 year old can do a better job than that!'?"

"Well, this book was just not exactly my type. You see, I'm not exactly the sort of reader that compares things in the book and thinks too much about his book."

"I want someone to paint a large picture for me to look in on, not just elude to some human nature that I have to pull apart from choppy dialogue."

"How much I looked for some meaning in this book! There is none. 'Lost Generation' pleease,simple decadence and weakness of character."

"I drink enough that I don't really need to hear about other people drinking a lot."

"I read this book to say I've read it, and now that it's done, that's how I feel about it. I've read it. Period. Moving on to something that will actually make me care."

"Quite boring and showed the vanity of people living life apart from Christ."

"did not like much-- long tale of alcoholism and macho much for the great man cannon"


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  1. When I heard that this book had a lower lexile, I was a little relieved because I knew I would breeze right threw it....I find myself putting it down out of disinterest, and frankly I couldn't care less about what I get on the final test because I can't bare to read another part of that separated, squally, dialogue.