Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Charles Dickens - Great Expectations IV

"Hello! My name is Pip! I'm an annoying little crybaby with no personality! Will you join me for tea and crumpets?"

"Try harder, Mr Dickens. -.-"

"Dickens was apparently paid by the word. Especially the silly ones, like 'prithee' and 'vittles'. It is time that we stopped attacking freshmen honors students with this pretentious book, which serves only to drive them away from English forever. Nowhere near the best of Dicken's work, the book reads like a 19th century soap opera, without bathroom breaks and Snuggle-bear commercials. By the time the first interesting character returns to the novel, the reader is lucky if he or she hasn't choked to death on tears of frustration. Why is Estelle such a b****? Why is Ms. Havisham such an old hag? Why is Pip so utterly slackjawed that he permits 20 years of idiocy to be perpetrated upon his stale English carcass?"

"I heard somewhere that Dickens got paid by the word and that is was there's a lot of extra, stupid words in it. I also think that it was twisted because everyone was realted to each other."

"Dickens is a jerk. Nobody likes his stuff, they're just afraid to say it because he's supposed to be classy. The man got paid by the word for crying out loud. Imagine if I got paid to write marching band drill by the dot. I would write a page for every four counts of music. What would I produce? A ridiculous tomb that nobody will ever get through and if they ever did it would be way too hard and too much work."

"The man was *obviously* paid by the word. I just don't need to read about the coloration/texture/feel of every brick in the sidewalk as a character walks down the street"

"Dickens is accused of being 'wordy,' and I see why: British authors were often paid by the word and length of their novels and short stories. No wonder so-called classics like 'Tale of Two Cities' and 'Great Expectations' is heaped in a drudgery of fluff."

"Just read some other reviews and discovered Dickens was paid by the word and it explains a lot."

"I was not surprised when my English teacher informed us that Dickens was paid by the word."

"I know he was paid by the word and that's why he goes on so. If I had my way I would like to appoint an editor for all these over-wordy books to turn them into something somewhat more readable."

"huge waste of time. He must've been paid by the word."

"It was much too long and drawn out. Perhaps paying writers by word is not the best way to pay them."

"never trust an author paid by the word."

"because Dickens was paid by the word, he added too many useless details."

"One of my GR friends mentioned in her review of this book that Dickens was paid per word. Well then... suddenly it all makes sense."

"Dickens's paid-by-the-word descriptions are a bit much."

"Dickens got paid by the word, and he squeezed every dime he could out of this book!"

"He got paid by the word, which is why there's way too many of them."

"I'm glad authors no longer get paid by the word."

"Dickens' impact on Western literature is undeniable, but he was paid by the word, and it shows."

"I dont like writers who get paid by the word."

"it was obvious he was paid by the word."

"Is it true he was paid by the word?"


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