Friday, September 9, 2011

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby IV

"this was a good book about the roaring twenties it was about a man name nick that just came back from world war 1 when he came back he learned the business about stocks and he becomes rich and buys a house. Then when gets settle in the house he finds his old crush daisy but when went started to ask he stuff he finds out she had boyfriend and nick was crushed then later the boyfriend and daisy breaks up so nick tries to get her back he find out that daisy died in a car accident so nick dies in with one question does did daisy love nick? also when daisy died people told there love life’s about the affair and bad things the did behind the love life’s back"

"Why does everyone praise this book? It's about a guy who parties a lot!"

"Capitalist garbage"

"hmm...this is voted the best book of blah blah.
Well, I think it's boring."

"Why it is a 'classic' is beyond me. There is no redemption and there must be in all True Stories."

"A great piece of crap. Highly over rated. The paper should be used to insolate dog houses."

"The one thing i think is confusing about this book is that Nick Carraway is the main character and the narrator of the book at the same time."

"Ehhh ... you have to be a book reviewer to love this book."

"i thought the great gatsby was a timeless classic cause it brought me back to the 20s an easer time for americans were we had nothing to do but tell the stories of our past"

"I've never been a fan of symbolism; sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a green light at the end of someone's pier doesn't indicate that Mr. So-and-So has a lust for money or equality or even a particular kid of African-moss-mold. It's just a green light. Maybe they like green, or that's all they had on hand."

"When Gatsby's smile was described my heart all but melted right out of my chest and dripped a slow trickle onto the ground."

"The author was trying to make people see how crazy some people get about money. The theme of this book is ho highly people hold money. The characters in this book all struggle with materialism. They all put money and material items before everything else. The book was a little confusing becauseof all of the characters and the cheating that goes on. I think all he really wanted out of this book was money and he got that. He became rich. The point he wanted to prove is how people act crazy about money. I think he got that point across. He also wanted to talk about death. He did. I dont have any experiance relating to this book. I dont struggle with materialism, but i do know someone that does, so maybe they would know. I don’t think I would recommend this book. It was very slow and boring. It didn’t start to pick up until around chapter five which is more than half way through the book. There are also a lot of characters in the book so it can get confusing with all of the cheating going on. Personally I hated the book. I hate the way the characters are about money. They are all so rich and don’t appreciate any of it. I hate that kind of behavior."

"Another one of those books I was forced to read in high school and HATED. Ugh how boring. God knows if Ill ever understand why this book is so popular. Like I said, maybe Im not deep enough lol"

"there was nothing significant about this book in my opinion other than it being a footnote of the high water mark of subordination by whites and the folly therein, on the precipice of destruction. the language was not interesting, the story moved along at a good pace but there was no originality or specific purpose to it, and the characters were marginal, with gatsby being an exception simply in that he foreshadowed his a-alike kerouac used in on the road (which is also hardly noteworthy any longer outside of it being a story of riding the initial fall down the slope just beyond the precipice fitzgerald described). he still shook his hand in the end, and that pussy ass nature is the laziness i ascribe it's writer."

"There's just nothing interesting going on in this book. I'm 17 years old, though. So maybe old people would like this book. I mean it takes place in the 20's. Maybe some old folks can relate to this book. But I don't like it."

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