Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ernest Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises II

"Although I have a house full of books, bursting with books, book shelves in every room, piles of books on a chest of drawers by the back door waiting for new shelves to be built, books along the edges of steps leading to the second floor, stacks of books in the master bedroom waiting their turn to be read..."


"Maybe I just didn't 'get it.'"

"I can't tell you how pointless this book is. What's the moral? Is there one? I don't think there is."

"this book might be fine in dandy for people who like rambling, annoying, old style literature; but for younger, more modern people... it is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME."

"If you are into the late 90's politically correct scene, this book will offend you time and time again ... Bull fights? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what?"

"his character introductions alternate between 'poor' and 'non-existent.'"

"Sorry folks, but I can't believe this pile of garbage is considered an all time classic. If I wrote this and took it to a publisher he would have thrown it in the garbage after a few minutes."

"Hemmingway writes like a third grader. The character development is non-exsistant. The plot is basically anything that is on MTV right now."

It is a funny thing. Some people, to say that they are 'erudit', 'intelligent', 'cult', accept anything their teachers or friends tell them that is good, without questioning the real quality of the book they're reading. Because everybody says that Hemingway is a genius (he is), one can't assume the fact that this book is a pile of garbage; it is pure crap. DOn't come to me saying that this is a great portrai of the lost generation, blá, blá, blá. There is no plot at all, the character are ridiculous, the narrative style makes one want to kill the writer. ANyway, if you like to read a history that has absolutely no history in it (only characaters wandering through Paris and Pamplona), this is the right book..."

"my point is: why read the book? just come to spain!"

"To quickly paraphrase the story: We ate. We walked over there. We drank and ate. We walked over here. We argued. We watched a bullfight. We drank some more... If there is something 'important' about this book I missed it."


"I'm not some child who reviews books he never finished. I read the entire thing."

"Just a quick comment for all of you that think this novel deserves 5 stars. It does not! This is Hemingway's first novel and as such it shows a young developing artist attempting to find his voice and build his craft. Like many writers at this stage he does not fully make the grade ... Please restrain from making a book that deserves a '3' at most into a 5. (By the way I have lived in Paris and been to the running of the bulls"

"Jake Barnes the main character is in love with Brett Ashley who is a women player."

"This novel is somewhat similar to modern life now. People do drink to get away from their everyday troubles. But after reading this novel, you realize that love is not about sex. It's about true love."

"These people are not a part of the lost generation but the drinking, thinking that they got it made generation. I know teenagers who have been through more stuff than these knuckleheads."

"I am in the middle of the book and have to decide pretty soon whether to continue reading it or just throw it away. What am I reading? All I see is a bunch of aimless, seemingly privileged people spending most of their time in cafes and bars, and every page I turn has 'drink', 'wine', 'bottle', 'bar', 'cafe', 'coffee', 'breakfast', 'lunch', 'dinner' or any word related to dipsomania, gastromania (or bulimia perhaps?) written all over."

"Lady Brett Ashley, the eye candy in the book, is a trite, lying, promiscuous drunk who is anything but a lady. Mike is a pugnacious drunk. Bill is an indifferent drunk. Robert Cohn is a Jew and a non-drunk. Jake is the impotent drunk who narrates the story. In my insignificant opinion, I think the book would have benefited if we knew more about these people. Perhaps if I knew what happened to them, I could understand their behavior or the attraction of being drunk in Europe. Another thing, why is Robert Cohn in this book?"

"The time in which this novel taked palce and now times are similar in ways. In both the characters in the novel and people now-a-days, turn to alcohol for reliefand have tendencies to party all night long. Yet, there are parts in the book I cannot believe can occur, but this may be a good part of the novel. a place where dreams may happen."

"Usually when I'm reading a book and a proper noun is mentioned, I make the special subconscious effort to keep it in memory for later use, but EH spews them out with no regard."

"I thought the book The Sun Also Rises was a book for 'book worms.' The book was ok, I guess. It was some what interesting. I thought that the book was kind of boring also. I'm not a big reader so I guess that makes a big part of it. It's considered a classic and a great book because of who it was written by and the fact that the book was written in the 30's."

"he was straight! Its common for deviants to try and claim prominent people in history as part of their twisted ilk in order to find broader acceptance of their life choices."


  1. You do know you can type without every letter being capitalized, right? Calm down, turn off Capslock, and then maybe you can disagree with their reviews in an intelligent, mature way.

  2. I think this book is right up there for worst book I've ever read. Boring, drunken, self indulgent characters and no plot whatsoever. Why it's considered a classic is beyond me.