Monday, September 19, 2011

Ernest Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises

"Le sigh."

"I decided to give Hemingway another shot-- but he failed once again."

"I don't like Hemingway's style of writing. He is too weighty. He says in twenty-five words what the normal person will say in ten."

"I think it was Hemingway's writing that prevented me from connecting with the book. His character's conversation's leave more unsaid than said, and it is what isn't being said that is the important part."

"They go out in the evenings, they go fishing, they go to bullfights, but this all seemed to me like background for a larger and more important story that never emerged."

"The novel's language was very simple. Nothing I would expect of someone who is considered to be a great writer."

"I have a problem with anything that is labeled a classic, as this book was (it was nicley printed on the side of the copy I took out from the library). Maybe, it's because I'm not from that time period (but I do like historical fiction), or that this book took place in France and Spain"

"I gave this one star because I wasn't old enough to drink or really enjoy much of anything when I first read it"

"If only he was a SF writer..."

"If he was writing today, he'd be just another emo homophobe."

"Honestly I think he is over hyped. It was hard to follow when one minute two characters are speaking then in the very same paragraph it is now three days later."

"If I wanted this much pointless angst, I'd read Order of the Phoenix again. Or just talk to some self-obsessed teenagers. That's what all of the characters in this book reminded me of: whiny teen brats."

"I guess for the 20’s she’s pretty sexually forward, but she doesn’t seem to have real independence as she jumps from one relationship to another, most of the time having affairs. She is obviously in love with the main character, and won’t do anything about it. I don’t know. . . seems like a poor example of an independent woman."

"Life to short to read boring books."


"If I had been Hemingway's editor, I would have said a big 'Needs work!'"

"Reading Ernest Hemingway is like having a conversation with a depressed person I hate."

"On the first page of this book I find 'He was really very fast.' Two adverbs in succession, and more than that, a sentence that was really very lame. Enough."

"I found this story very difficult to read. Even after reading some passages twice, I still did not get the point of this book. I have understood two other works written by this author, but this one is beyond me."

"A disgusting work! Insulting to women, no plot, and the girl has a dude's name!"

"I gather this was his first - so I'm willing to cut him some slack - but it's very poorly written. It reads like a draft and the characters are dull. I very much doubt this book would have found a publisher today."

"I can't understand why Hemingway is so acclaimed and why he's become such a central part of the American canon. Wait, I DO understand- it's his manly style of writing. Yuck. There are women who are much better writers who should be in the canon."

"This book sucks!(I don't like that word but that is how bad it was)"

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  1. I enjoyed old man and the sea. this is pretty bad. it's like a bad stephen king book with no story. If it's important in context of history then it should be touted as such. Today, this reads as shit. arrogant, ignorant shit.