Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shakespeare - Henry IV, part I

"Some of you people aren't going to like this, but I kind of hate all the plays where people just ride around on horses, chopping each other's heads off. There is always some king who either gets his head chopped off or chops of others' heads, and maybe a drunk guy, and a traitor of some sort. Not Shakespeare at his best."

"I hate Falstaff. Unlike other fools, he's a petty thief which, surprisingly, distracts me beyond reason."

"This play was so dull that we actually gave up reading it in my Sophomore year High School English class because even Mr. McConnell was bored of it."

"A play with no plot."

"i liked it that hal killed hotspur because in the movie hotspur was ugly and disgusting. everytime i looked at him i felt like i wanted to puke."

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