Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness IV

"This book was written by someone on drugs. It is poorly thought out, has characters that can't be understood and make no sense, and overall is a slap in the face of traditional literature."

"horrible horrible book too complicated very stange sense of literature"

"I had to read a fiction book for my Sophomore English class; we received a list of books on college and many other's top ten lists. I had scored really high on a reading test and decided that I should go for on of the harder books. Don't let the title deceive you, Heart of Darkness might seem like a murder mystery, or a dark story from a famous authors mind, but be forewarned: this book is not an easy book to get through.
This was written in the early 1900's and so it is also a different writing style than the kind writers use nowadays so you might not get what you'd expect. I would highly recommend being around College level before reading this. Not for the sake of understanding it, but from the tolerance high school will give you when reading boring books."

"It is no wonder that many students will nod off during this one. You can not blame their youth for this snooze-fest. It is plain and simply boring and there is much better period novels out there that deal with similar themes. I am sure swapping this one for something from Patrick O'Brian 'Master and Commander' would make the class room more attentive."

"We all know by now Conrad had a large vocabulary....
I did enjoy Conrad's eccentric use of verbatim but felt like he went overboard in some parts. Being wordy is ok as long as you don't go beyond the line of a reader's attention span."

"I was quite happy when the natives started shooting arrows at the boat. Not that I'm some simpleton that needs action and gore to be happy - that's not it at all."

"Phonies Love This Book
Not so hot; phony intellectuals are told this is a great work so they make up all sorts of lies about layering and craftsmanship, when it's really just a so-so story and the ending with the guy Marlon Brandon played in the movie (Apocalypse Now) going crazy and Conrad never explaining why there should be such a fascination with him. It might be a nice book if there was a story here. But these modern phonies do not understand that writing is supposed to be enjoyable."

Everybody has always told me this book was great. Everybody I've ever talked to is an idiot. This book was terrible, it made no sense. I have loved other classics, thats what i read most. But this book was just bad, it was some guy rambling on and on. I think conrad was on acid when he wrote this book."

"never read this book
This book makes no sence. If you can understand this book than you are a genus. I have to read this book for school and I don't understand 1 single page of this book.
If someone out there understands this book please tell me or let me know."

"If you like entertaining stories, you will hate this one. Conrad is continually dark and depressing. In many cases, he makes the story disturbing."

"Pseudointellectual myth
this book was horrible and yet gets all the praise? This book confirms my belief that most authors should retire at a certain point. Even more so that the world is full of pseudo-intellectuals who see 'depth' in anything abstruse that we dummies can't appreciate. Conrad must have have had too much praise go to his head or alcohol or something ... He must have needed rent money or tried some avant garde thing while drug addled. How utterly unbelievable that this book is famous."

"there goes 5 hours of my life i will never get back
what a waste of time who the hech was kuntz anyway"

"The innocence of children is routinely destroyed in American classrooms with books like this. The fact that imperialism (although a lot of colonialism brought many good things to various cultures also) and evil people exist in all cultures is true. But books like this seem to promote the idea that evil is somehow European. The incredible negative focus in classrooms has devastated America as well as Europe. It is just part of more than a century of self destructive western writings beginning wih Karl Marx. Upton Sinclair wrote the Jungle as part of a self admitted promotion of Socialism. Unfortunately, Heart of Darkness is just another in a long line of books that promote self hate, or bitterness and rage, and event anti western sentiment that even people such as Stalin or the current terrorists use as motivation to kill 'evil western imperialists.' Ironically Communist countries use this literature to teach hatred of the west. And here in the U.S. this literature is forced on American youth by the left wing. But also this type of literature is used by Christian and conservative schools. The destruction of western youth is coming from all sides. And I have seen many statements frm young people that their self mutilation and horrible self image stems from 12 years of chronic darkness taught to them by a decrepit school system that thrives on darkness. Heart of Darkness is just dark."

I love how certain types like to claim how grand and magnificent this book is. Conrad's native language was Polish. I have several Polish colleagues and let me assure you it is one of the most complicated and difficult languages. That being said, Conrad wrote this book in English. He was qouted as having said that their were difficulties and complexities of the English language that had 'eluded' him. To that, I say 'yeah, we noticed'.
This book is simply poorly written. No mystery about why many hate it. It is so difficult to read because his command of grammar and punctuation is so poor. The reason people are frequently lost and re-reading passages is because he commands the idea of quoting and transitions in narration in such a weak way.
A classic? I don't think so! Maybe he should have written it in Polish and then had it translated. Sorry."

"Someone seriously should have introduced Joseph Conrad to the idea that, ideally, a paragraph ranges between about 4 and 6 sentences in length. NOT 2 pages."

"Beautiful themes and striking descriptions...if only the paragraphs could be a few dozen sentences shorter..."

"Wasn't able to get through the whole 'chapter is one long paragraph' thing"

"Conrad is one of those who liked sentences the size of paragraphs and paragraphs that went on for a page or more."

"My god that was tedious. Great novel (I get it, I do) but the lack of paragraphs was definitely trying."

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