Friday, August 26, 2011

Carl Gustav Jung - The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

"Carl Jung was a racist, chauvanist, homophobic coward, and yet all the loopy loo hippie dippy new age quacks quote him this and that"

"Carl Jung was an idiot who also believed that the human unconscious mind was linked to every other person on the planet"

"freud was a fag and carl jung wasnt anything special either"

"it's more like 'a built yourself machine' where every part of the machine is named ,but how you put it together is your problem.Sooo after a while the book became really anoying."

"i dont hate psychology....i just think its overrated..."

"Jung was on that hippie shit, of course you'd like him ... I'll leave it on that note, Freud was a fucking winner. ALl those after him were less willing to acknowledge truth. Thats it. I'm done, you can all go dry hump your fascinations with that hippie, I'm going to bump some Smashing Pumpkins and read for the night."

"Why did anyone ever LISTEN to that guy in the first place????"

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  1. ahahahahahahahahahahahaha....funniest read I've had in ages!!