Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice II

"The story line is not too bad but the way it is written and with all the fanciness... I really don't like it."

"I read Pride and Prejudice during the fall for a highschool literature class. I was really very excited! Once I started reading it, I began to become bored. It wasn't the fact that Austen had a terrible story line or plot, but it was because they way it was written (old English), it was tragically difficult for me to understand. Jane Austen is a very talented writer. Even though it was difficult to read, I could feel her passion for writing seep through each letter. If you love a book with a love triangle (and can understand old English) then this is a book for you!"

"I found the Cliff Notes version of this to be more entertaining.
FAR too much useless text that interferes with the story"

"Book was quite difficult to understand. It was written in old english."

"This book was literally painful to read. Trying to comprehend the text made my eyes and brain hurt, not to mention the pain in my arms from holding up that E N O R M O U S book. I still Don't get what that book was about."

"I couldn't get through it. To be honest, I thought it was boring and hard to understand the language spoken in that time period. I really had to concentrate and re-read passages just to figure out what was going on. This is now on my list of books NOT to read. My advice, skip the book and watch the movie."

"Due to unfortunate job-related stuff, I'm currently teaching a Jane Austen novel. Doesn't matter which. I can't keep them straight.


But I hate Jane Austen.

I've tried. I really have. But these novels are so artificial, so terribly unreal. Nobody in a Jane Austen novel, as far as I can tell, ever bleeds or farts or craps or sweats or pisses or dies in a way that isn't just terribly pictureseque and dreadfully wonderful.


Granted, you can make the argument that, as works of fiction, no novel actually reflects the real world and yadda yadda yadda.

Well, Jane Austen's world is less real than most."

"I might add that Jane Austen basically wrote about what she didn't really understand.. she never married, she always turned suitors away. Plus. Maybe it's me but this literature perpetuates female obsession over nonsense and manipulative behaviour in relationships."

"The people I know who like Jane Austen also have planned out their perfect wedding since they were grade two and swoon over Darcy as the 'perfect man' - I'm ashamed that Austen's icing-filled fairy-tale happily-ever-after stories are lauded as 'great literature'."

"I would rape Jane Austen if she were alive.And yes I am a woman."

"Thank god that there is a fan page for those who abhor Jane Austin's lame work which only revolve on predictable love stories . I mean I know she lived in a different time where women didn’t have much ambition or goal other than scouting for a husband but what really bothers me the most is that people actually consider her as one of the best writers in the history where in fact she is nothing but a pathetic spinster who had nothing better to write about other than imaginary Mr right who is just as boring and shallow as her ."

"Bad stuff....bad....bad....bad!"

"a man of large fortune must be in want of a wife! shut up austin nobody cares!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Random quips, sayings, and irreverent stories from the likes of me, a guy who really, really, really hates Jane Austen, so much that I will never mention her in this entire book, except for the two times in the title, but after that, nothing.

I mean what other book can we find vampires, psuedo-angels, man-eating Kumquats, an existential crisis of a lonely sofa, a grumpy grim reaper, and random quirky philosophical musings."

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