Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homer - The Odyssey II

"this is an absolute waste of time."

"It had been a long war, everyone agreed.
But at last Odysseus, king of Ithaca, hero of the Trojan War, loving husband and father, was finally heading home across the Aegean.
...Perhaps, in retrospect, not the best time to kill the son of Poseidon, Greek good of the sea, but really, it couldn't be helped.
Now it's one mortal man against every monster, witch and elemental god this side of Byzantium, in a race to reach home beore his wife marries one of the suitors slumming in his banquet hall."

"this was the most boring book i have ever read i dont even get it!!!!!"

"so old its almost part of history."

"The Odyssey is a book I will never read again if I don't have to. The storyline was too far-fetched for my imagine in order to comprehend the novel."

"What would you do if you did not know whether your husband was dead or alive? Would you remarry and move on? That was a big decision that Odyssey’s wife had to make. She had to make this decision not knowing if her beloved husband would return from the war against Troy. The Odyssey takes you on a heroic journey with Odyssey himself, as he tries to get back to his Kingdom named Ithaca.
The author made the story seem unbelievable by writing the places that Odyssey visited, unrealistic. He described places with such detail that I didn’t believe it myself. He made the characters unrealistic as well. He talked about a Cyclops named Polyphemus, who was tricked by Odyssey. The way Homer described Calypso (the sea goddess) was very vivid."

"I had to read the whole thing for school. If I was reading it on my own I probably would have stopped a third of the way through. It was boring and there was no real depth to Odysseus. When it came down to it, it was just a guy desperate to get to his home in Ithaca. Probably one of the most tiring books I've read."

"There's nothing. Can't relate to the story."

"man who goes through a hold lo of advanture just to make it home and when he get home he still got promblems.on his journey home he faces the cyclops the siren chydris and carbdis plus the suitors"

"omg...I started 30 years ago and haven't finished it yet"

"Interesting enough to read, boring enough to regret it."

"Confusing as hell. There's a ton of characters and it's hard to keep everything straight. Homer gets points for writing the entire thing in verse, but I didn't enjoy the tale."

"I'm thinking about teaching it to my sophomores this year. It's another monumental work, but ploddingly dull. Great stories interspersed among mind numbing concentration on events that seemed totally trivial to me. Maybe I don't have the correct perspective, but I decided if I do teach it I'll only do excerpts. A few lines about seven years of enslavement with Calypso, with whom in other stories he has an illegitimate child, then pages and pages narrating him hanging out with his shepherd before confronting the suitors. It's bad balance."

"My least favorite character is the Cyclops, because he was a huge distraction on their mission. The Cyclops ate most of the characters and I did not like the setting of where they were."

"I love a lot of the classics in movie form, but as for trying to get through them in book form the writing is boring."

"I hope my students never read this."

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