Saturday, July 28, 2012

Zora Neale Hurston - Their Eyes Were Watching God IV

"The story was created just so Mrs. Hurston could use 'black vernacular' or ebonix of the early 1900's. The sharp contrast between the ebonix and nornmal English narrative was NOT, in my opinion, a great literary device. It was neither educational nor informative to read long sections of dialogue like the sentence in the title of this review. Forcing myself to read improper English, to say the least, for an English class was very annoying. I don't think any educator would want me to write or speak like the dialogue in this book, so what is the point of reading it? The story was powerful and moving, but only if it had been written in English. Ah reckon dis be de en' of de review. Ah be wishin' dat Ah ain't gointuh hafta read nuttin' lak dis again. Isn't dis annoyin' yuh, imagine 200 pages of dis."

"The story didn't start off good for me because its a book written mainly for women and I am a man who enjoys a Tom Clancy novel"

"It is boring because it is about a topic that no one cares for. Stop speaking in ebonics."

"Perhaps the most flawed aspect of Eyes is that it is not written in English. I refuse to concede that the overdone vernacular dialogue contained within is English, particularly as it is fraught with inconsistencies: 'lak' and 'like' are used interchangeably, as are 'yo'' and 'you' and 'mouth' and 'mouf,' adding to the confusion of any reader unfortunate enough to be slogging through the conversations ... Dreadful as the language may be, it at least provides the perfect word to describe the entire book: monstropolous. (My inability to find it in a dictionary strengthens my suspicions that Eyes is written in a language loosely based on, but inferior in structure and consistency to, English.)"

"I feel sorry for any person who has to read this 'book'"

"i wish i could erase all copies of this book from existence
WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH NOT LETTING US RATE IT AS A ZERO. WISH I COULD HAVE. this book was a burden on my soul, then entire time i was forced to read it. it drivels on in such a manner as to make the novel a complete horror to read ... it was such a blandly written piece of trash that a four year old could understand it and hate it as well ... myself and about 30 of my classmates would rather be punched in the gut than forced to think about this for another second. why write a review if i hate it so much you ask? i'll tell you's really late and i'm bored. i'm writing a letter to my teacher and i needed to know how to spell the author's name, so i came here. so to anyone out there that doesn't just think things are good because someone says they are...don't touch this silly novel for the life of you. i'm done now, you can all tell me taht this didn't help you now, to get it off the list of reviews, and how pathetic is that? are you that insecure about the quality of your novel? you should be."

"The author writes in a dialect that is barely legible and makes the story less important than the dialogue. Yes, we get the point - now... can you write in English so I can understand each sentence the first time I read it?"

"Their Eyes Were Reading Boobery
Unless you are an immature tramp I cannot fathom how you could enjoy, relate or even read this nonsense ... That people think this is a great book betrays how foolish the reading public are; seriously, just stick to what Oprah tells you to read, or better, simply plop down in front of the television and watch 'reality.'
Am I biased? Yes, completely, I think that the work of women does not compare favorably to what men have achieved in letters ... But there is the converse....I mean, how many great wives, how many good stay-at-home moms have been men?"

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