Wednesday, July 4, 2012

William Faulkner - Absalom, Absalom! II

"I love Faulkner, but there is no need for the writing style to be like this."

"I haven't been this disappointed since they canceled Family Guy."

"My main problem was that the entire story was told through characters simply retelling a story. And the operative word here is 'told.' It comes down to the first fundamental rule of writing: Show don't tell."

"I'd say this is a 'broken' book...which means it is about characters or issues that lack integrity, honor, virtue, or whatever positive characteristic, but the author does not condone the actions and we see the negative fruit of their negative choices. (as opposed to a 'bent' book which is about the same types of characters, but supports their actions--not so good to read.)"

"apparently Faulkner never took those classes on English grammar the rest of us had to take."

"I call this book 'blabsalom, blabsalom'"

"I know it's not PC, but Faulkner's books are unreadable. IguessFaulknerfellasleepduringEnglishclass"

"I'm actually an English major in college, so if I can hardly get through this book then I wonder what the less-hardcore literary types make of it."

"Skip the entire ridiculously undecipherable book and read the chronology and geneaology in the back! Join the ranks of proud low-brows who have other books to read and enjoy!"

"Nobody enjoys reading Faulkner but it is 'good for you' somehow, and thus this book will be painfully read for a long time to come."

"Maybe it's my background as an English major, but run-on sentences drive me crazy. Once I got the Cliff's Notes I discovered that the plot, such as it was, revolved around a family that could be the definition of disfunctional. I never finished the book or read anything else by this author."

"This book, like so many of Faulkner's, is a waste of time and brain space. Why is it that we rely on other 'literary' people to tell us what is a classic? Because most of the books considered 'classics' are either pure drivel or else they make you want to shoot your miserable brains out. Talk about depressing and not worth the paper they're printed on. No sirree. No thank you."

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