Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zora Neale Hurston - Their Eyes Were Watching God II

"the denoument was waaayy late in this book."

"I don't fully remember reading this book, but I think I did. And I'm pretty sure it's lame."

"The dialect used in the book ruined it for me. I like proper grammar too much! :D"

"If you're into this book, then good for you, I'm sure you'll make a woman really happy someday."

"one word de-press-ing. too many mishaps, and misfortunes for me to truly enjoy."

"It wasn't deep enough to change me. Meh."

"I'm not a fan of dialect books (Huck Finn, be damned!) ... (If any of my lit professors ever read this review, they may never speak to me again. What lit major doesn't appreciate dialect writing?!)"

"I understand it's grand when talking about black American lit - especially by a woman - but it's just not, in my very humble opinion, all that...good."

"I didn't really understand the point of it. I know it's supposed to be feminist and political and all that, but... ::sigh::"

"incorrect English"

"I felt like this was a pretty typical story of the black woman who overcomes all sorts of hardships and obstacles. The resentment towards whites and men is really what turns me off though."

"I got tired of da po' black folk writing quite quickly."

"I was forced to read every dialect-infected word of it."

"It is written in 'slave language'"

"I absolutely could not get past the dialect in this book. Every character sounded like a complete moron no matter what they were saying"

"the title should read 'dey eyez wuz watchin god.' i really can't stand reading dialect. i have an imagination, you don't have to spell things phonetically for me to understand that there is an accent involved. words like 'ain't' and other improper grammar ('they's,' we be, etc.) i can handle. but don't insult me."


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