Friday, July 20, 2012

Shakespeare - Troilus and Cressida II

"I'm relatively okay with reading Shakespeare's works, I know their classics and the famous screen writer was very talented"

"Yes, I can think of many reasons why Cressida was not the total whore she might look like, but I'll somehow feel like a dupe who tries to justify Bill while he clearly messed up"

"Bill has another clunker here. Much like The Two Gentlemen of Verona the characters (and there are buckets of them) inexplicably change their minds for now apparent reason. Cressida, though not necessarily a slut, sees another boy at the sock hop and immediately seems to forget that she was just making out with Troilus underneath the bleachers.

The love story seems secondary the posturing of Hector, the Trojan warrior, and the various Greek challengers. I was not able to form an alliance with any of these soldiers. For all I care they could all kill each other willy-nilly.

Give this one a pass."

"Am I dumb because I didn't pick up on the nihilistic/relativistic thing? I keep hearing that's what this is about, but I frankly don't see any textual evidence of this (or any evidence of the relativity of values outside of the text)."

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