Monday, July 16, 2012

Tolstoy - Anna Karenina IV

"why in the world does he constantly refer to characters by their entire names?"

"it is completely confusing with everyone having two or more names"

"why use 100 words if it can be said in 50? maybe it's the business world rubbing off on me. we are taught to get our point across in as few words as possible. anna k was excessively wordy to me. and (to me) the added language muddled it up."

"Inference is a necessity. I had no idea two of the characters were having an affair until they had a baby!"

"What a bizarre story, I'm still not quite sure what the point was."


"Oh my word, talk about an annoying, whiner, my word, when that train scene happened, thank god."

"There were some good parts, like when Anna died."

"There were hundreds of pages I couldn't even tell you what they were about and were in my opnion unnecessary due to the fact that I don't remember them."

"To quote Liz Lemon on the seminal comedy 30 Rock, 'blergh'."

"While this book may be considered a classic, it just simply is not good. Tolstoy wrote to write a long book. That's the only reason."

"If you enjoy sitting through tea parties or your grandpa's hunting stories, then this may be the book for you. However, since it's the 21st century now, the only part of this book even close to relevant is the romance"

"I propose a petition to burn all Anna Karenina novels from the face of the earth and implement a law of 10 years in prison if caught with this novel in your possession. There, I said it..."

"How can anybody like this book? Whoever said this is the best classic ever written must be truly brain-dead. What could be enjoyable about a book that primarily consists of a guide on:
a) how to cut grass,
b) how to hunt bear, and
c) how to abandon your own kid for a gigolo.
If I wanted all that stuff I would have read Farmers Almanac."


"As much as I hate this book, I have to admit-if Tolstoy wrote it in an attempt to get on people's nerves, he succeeded."

"While reviewing I must acknowledge that this book was written in an era when rules of the modern craft (show don't tell, use active verbs, stick to the point of view per scene, delete whatever is irrelevant to the story and many more) didn't apply. Tolstoy wasn't competing with TV and Hollywood those days."

"This book, written by the king of bore himself, and 811 pages long has got to be the most pointless book I have ever had to read. It's just about some woman's extra-marital affair with some guy and these two newlyweds' life together. Honestly I could care less. It has no excitement, not much of a thick plot, and is stifling in the reading experience. Which, by the way, was an experience in torture, endurance, and stamina. I wouldn't reccomend this book to any person who has things to do and people to see, it just didn't hold my attention and I didn't care about any of the characters because they were plausable and real."

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