Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zora Neale Hurston - Their Eyes Were Watching God

"Errrghhhhh. I'm black. And a whore. Life sucks, feel bad for me."

"terrible. simply terrible."

"Some pieces of history should remain distant and forgotten."

"So bad. Just so, so bad."

"You have to go. through. every. word. one. by. fucking. one."

"I gave up ... I read some of the spoilers, and Janie seems like the kind of protagonist that usually makes me want to scream ... Janie seemed precociously sexual ... I could just tell that this was going to head down the road of some tragic Woman Who Loves Men Who Hate Women plot. No, thank you!"

"This book was not great because it did not interest me as much as some other people i will come across."

"I realize this is a classic, but why? A story about a flighty, immature women who finally finds 'love' (i.e. LUST) in an equally immature and controlling man? Not exactly Romantic. The story seems scrambled and unrelatable. Not really what I would consider a great novel."

"If you're a fan of African-American literature, or literature about how much women suffered back in the day, then this probably holds some interest. If you're not, consider this literary ebola. I'm *really* not the target audience on this one, as I'm a white male, and one who primarily reads fantasy and horror at that, so I found the plot to be *beyond* repetitive."

"This novel is nothing more than a book showcasing the worst aspects about one's ethnic and racial group. (The incident with the mule, Jody's control of the town, and even the characters dismissal of those 'Indians' makes the characters unlikable and ignorant)"

"Tea-Cake is a patently ridiculous name for any place and era."

"I have no idea why I read well over 3/4 of this book before toasting it. The only sense that this book is a 'classic' is that it is a classic example of how not to write a book. UGH! Thanks Jen for making me come to my senses and toast this book (I should have talked to you sooner!)"

"I couldn't force myself to read it so I probably just read a synopsis on the internet. This book did not contribute to my education one bit."

"I wanted to read this one...I tried to read this one and got a headache from my mind sounding out the words. She writes so that the characters sound like they have a heavy southern accent mixed with bad grammar which makes reading it a challenge. While I was reading I was translating it into English and that is not something I want to do when I am ready to read after along day. too tiring. Next."

"It's an obnoxious device that only serves to make any semblance of meaning completely opaque and causes all of the characters to sound like illiterate oafs. 'Love is lak da sea,' my ass."

"Never in my life have I read a worse book ... Even if you understand the incomprehensible english, still pass on this book. It's just that bad."

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