Monday, December 5, 2011

Sigmund Freud - Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality

"SIGMUND FREUD was bat shit, i have taken psychology courses where even the teachers call Freud insane, he only created his theories to explain his own sick fetishes and used examples from history."

"Freud has been discredited by modern psychology."


"Even Psychologists know that Freud was fucking insane."

"freud was a homo jack ass who displaced his personal homosexuality and weirdo-desire-to-fuck-his-mother problems on everyone else. freudian psychology is the scourge of modern society."

"Sigmund Freud was insane. Where the hell did the idea that repressed emotions will always find a way of seeping out and driving you nuts come from? Who did he think was he postulating about an overly sensitive matter and rubbing the sordid truth in our faces? Some fucking god?"

"Dis guy was a PERVERT and distroys everytimng good about all Christianity and Holyness. I tink if you believe all dis then you must be a cryptofacist perv like all deez guyz.... Man, don believe what dis guys is layin out....heez corrupting youths and poisoning da well of human consciences....

piece out"

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  1. Freud was a patriarchal asshole and an unrepentant pervert who disposed of these feelings and fears by infecting others with it. Batshit fucking insane fucking bird crazy, seriously. Fuck Freud and his dick-worshiping cult!