Saturday, December 24, 2011

Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol II

"The stupidest, most confusing book in the world"

"This book is by far one of the most boring books I have ever read. I do not recommend it to anyone. It was hard for me to keep up with whatever was going on."

"I know this is a classic amd you are supposed to admire the great writimg skills of Charles Dickens but this book is tortureous. He uses unnecessary comparrisons and words that nobody understands. I understand Dickens is a great writer and it show. Everybody knows this story you do not need to torture yourself ny reading this though. It is boring and hard to understand . Just watch one of the movies."

"I agree with what Micheal Levin writes at a website called The Daily Objectivist, Scrooge was better at the beginning! He says: 'You know the ritual: boo the curmudgeon initially encountered in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, then cheer the sweetie pie he becomes in the end. It's too bad no one notices that the curmudgeon had a point-quite a few points, in fact. There can be no arguing with Dickens's wish to show the spiritual advantages of love. But there was no need to make the object of his lesson an entrepreneur whose ideas and practices benefit his employees, society at large, and himself. Must such a man expect no fairer a fate than to die scorned and alone? Bah, I say. Humbug.' How could it be that an obscure website like The Daily Objectivist would have the most intelligent review of this book that I've ever seen?"

"What I noticed the most in the book is the usage of the many five dollar words (This might be the reason, I realize now, that there are alternate versions of the story and especially in abridged form). Not only those words made the book difficult to read, they helped to provide detachment for me from enjoying the story and being immersed in the tale. What is worse, I simply didn't like the story all that much because I felt my motivation to be lacking when Ebenezer Scrooge was hand-picked for the journey. Thinking of the kind of a person he is, why can't a worthier person be selected? That's why I prefer the tale of It's a Wonderful Life over A Christmas Carol, and it did happen to a better person than Scrooge. One worst part about A Christmas Carol is the force to love Christmas to death. I am not too keen about this approach because it feels too religious in the wrong way. Then again, the entire book was too religious for my taste with a lot of overtones in a spiritual sense. Charles Dickens also gives poverty a role in A Christmas Carol, but I didn't like the part where a character is judged by how he views money as he sees fit. All in all, I found A Christmas Carol a disappointing read, and all of the characters were unmemorable for me."


"This book is NOT as good as a White Gangbang Christmas. I would say Read a White Gangbang Christmas. A CHristmas Carol Gangbang is to short and sorry it is not very exciting. It was to short and not to much excitement. Then again this was only one of two gangbang christmas stories. So I guess it is a beggers cant be choicers type of situation."



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